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Design Tours

Discover what design has to offer during the Design Tours of Dutch Design Week (DDW). Let an expert Design Guide guide you around and take a look into the future. During DDW in Eindhoven, you'll get plenty of inspiration and discover the latest trends while expanding your network.

Please note: the deadline for registration is Monday, 19 September.

Want to book a Design Tour, or do you have any questions? We're happy to schedule an appointment with you. Mail to

Area tours

Curators Tour | Klokgebouw
Centrally located in the creative district of Strijp-S, this former Philips factory is for many people the starting point of a visit to DDW. The Klokgebouw tour introduces you to DDW and the power of design in an accessible way.
Curators Tour | Microlab Hall
Microlab Hall focuses on innovative concepts and products for a sustainable future. We also look at the relationship between people and products. You can easily combine this tour with your own programme.
Discovery Tour | Strijp-S
Once the beating heart of electronics group Philips, now the central point of DDW: Strijp-S is the place to be for an exciting DDW22 experience. Discover how creativity, innovation and tech find their way in a variety of exhibitions in the Klokgebouw, Ketelhuisplein and Microlab Hall.
Discovery Tour | Centre
This Discovery Tour takes you on a trip through the centre of Eindhoven, which will be almost completely dedicated to DDW these days. Discover what the city of lights offers you during an extensive tour along with inspiring projects, relevant exhibitions, and special locations.
Studio Tour | Sectie-C
See the world through the eyes of the designers at Sectie-C. Visit their studios and find out what moves them as you dive into this Eindhoven urban incubator of makers, designers and other creatives.

Theme tours

Circular & Biobased Building
The Circular & Biobased Building theme tour takes you along projects about new building materials and alternative techniques. This tour will give you food for thought and encourages you to talk about a circular (building) future.
Mobility is an inevitable part of our daily lives. You need it to get the proper care, get to work and relax with family and friends. But our needs change, and our living environment adapts to them.
Health is a challenging subject full of complex social issues. In this theme tour, we show new perspectives and abandon the standard way of thinking about health and its care.
Inclusive Society
You don't achieve inclusivity by talking about one specific theme or a specific target group. It is about values, perspectives, attitudes and practices that can take us further towards a more just society.
We are increasingly concerned with our food and its production. Designers develop projects that make consumers more aware of their possible role and influence on the existing food system. But they also address the industry.
In this theme tour, you will discover how design can contribute to a safer society. Through various projects, designers want to create awareness of ways to make the community safer and provide tools to do this.
The Embassy of Water is working hard on this theme. From their permanent office in the centre of Eindhoven, they exhibit innovative projects to change your way of thinking and your appreciation of water. In addition, we will take you along with other water-related projects.
Rethinking Plastic
In our society, plastic is a cheap material, so it is quickly thrown away, with all the consequences. The urgency of plastic as an environmental problem is now well known, but at the same time, a world without plastic is hardly imaginable. How can it be done differently?

Custom tour

Custom Design Tour
Discover the power of design in a fully personalised tour across DDW22. The DDW programme team selects the most relevant projects, highlights, and locations to match your wishes and those of your colleagues, guests, or network.