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Design Tours

Discover the latest that design has to offer with a tour of Dutch Design Week. A glimpse into the future, inspiration, the latest trends and networking: you can find it all during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. All tours are guided by an expert Design Guide. If you have any questions, please e-mail to: Please note: Deadline for application is Monday 27 September!

Area tours

A Taste of Klokgebouw
Centrally located in the Strijp-S creative district, this former Philips factory is the starting point for many visiting DDW21. The Klokgebouw tour introduces you to DDW and the power of design in an accessible way.
A Taste of Microlab
Kick off your DDW21 adventure in the heart of the festival at Strijp-S. Microlab is a new location for DDW. This compact tour introduces you to DDW and the power of design in an accessible way. You can easily add this tour on to your own programme.
Discovery Tour Strijp-S
From the beating heart of electronics group Philips to the beating heart of DDW: Strijp-S is clearly the place for a stimulating DDW21 experience. During this extensive tour of Eindhoven's creative testing grounds, you will meet young design talent and established names. Discover how design, innovation, and tech interact in sensational exhibits.
Atelier Tour Sectie C
See the world through the eyes of the designers of Section C. Visit their studios and discover what moves them while immersing yourself in this Eindhoven design hub.
Atelier Tour Fuutlaan
The Fuutlaan is located next to the train tracks in Eindhoven. During DDW21, Fuutlaan is home to a wide range of studios, workshops, stages and exhibitions. This year the focus is on collaboration.

Theme tours

Circular & Biobased Building
In the light of the climate challenge, the energy transition, making homes more sustainable, and the housing problem, we show new solutions and design methods for climate-neutral construction.
Mobility is a necessity. Not a goal. It is an inevitable part of our daily lives. You need it to get the right care, to get to work or to relax with family and friends. But our needs change and our living environment adapts accordingly. Welcome to the mobility of the future.
Health is a challenging subject that often results in complex issues within our society. How do we make healthcare more people-oriented instead of technology-driven? What would the world look like if everyone were chronically healthy?
Safety & Privacy
On the basis of 2 themes, we explore how design and policy can come together in the security domain: neighbour-focused subversion & Digitisation and privacy.
We often see water as a product that belongs to us, an inexhaustible source and always available. But is it really? If we want a better world for our children and ourselves, we need to rethink our relationship with water. As users, we play an important role in the functioning of a healthy ecosystem.
Rethinking Plastic
In our society, plastic is a cheap material, so it is easily discarded. With all the consequences that this entails. The urgency of plastic as an environmental problem is now widely known, but at the same time a world without plastic is hardly imaginable. How can it be done differently?
In the supermarket of the future, you will discover what is possible in the world of food design. Satisfy your hunger with the unprecedented possibilities offered by this design discipline.
Inclusive Society
An inclusive society is one in which everyone feels seen and represented. One might think that this is self-evident. After all, by law, we are all equal in the Netherlands. In practice, however, things turn out differently.

Custom tours

Custom Design Tour
Discover the power of design in a fully personalised tour through DDW21. Adapted to the interests and wishes of you and your guests, the DDW programme team selects the most relevant projects, highlights and locations.
Virtual Custom Design Tour
Experience the festival in a unique way and meet designers digitally. Be at DDW21 without having to travel and still get to know the designers personally.
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