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Code of Conduct

We, Dutch Design Foundation, are committed to establishing a more inclusive and equitable organisation and workplace. The organisation acknowledges that by considering a broader range of perspectives and broadening its network, it will be able to achieve greater impact. Dutch Design Foundation is resolute in cultivating this inclusive culture based on respect, transparency and integrity. The Code of Conduct was composed to achieve and uphold this culture and serves as a guideline for constructive, equitable and inclusive behaviour and communication.

The following is a brief overview of the values we uphold as an organisation.


We make sure we back up our words with actions, holding ourselves and each other accountable and adopting an active stance regarding the expansion of our knowledge and awareness to best serve our community.

Facilitating & Accessible

Within the ecosystem in which Dutch Design Foundation operates as a facilitator, we focus on empowering our network by providing support and resources and creating an inclusive environment in which participants feel safe and excited to participate and engage.

Honest & Transparent

In both our behaviour and communicating we embrace transparency, complying to ethical standards in all aspects of our work, acknowledging our challenges, and committing to truthful, understandable communication.

Curious & Reflective

We prioritise continuous learning and reflection, valuing the diversity among our employees and community and perceiving feedback as opportunities to grow.

Kind & Empathic

We let kindness shape our interactions, celebrating our shared ambition to create a positive impact on the organisation, industry and society.