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Open Call | You are the future of design

Dutch Design Week is calling!
From 19 to 27 October, Eindhoven will be wholly immersed in the design of the future, making it the best of all weeks.

The call for entries for our 23rd edition is now open. Submit your project now!
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The answers to all your questions:

What is Dutch Design Week?

Dutch Design Week (DDW) is the platform for high-quality design. DDW is all about the design of the future and the future of design. DDW opens up, inspires, shares and connects. 

During this nine-day event, Eindhoven is utterly devoted to design and encompasses all disciplines and aspects of design. Spread across ~120 locations throughout the city, DDW organises and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, award ceremonies, networking events, debates, and festivities.

The emphasis is on expertise and talent, experimentation, innovation and crossovers. Dutch Design Week is also the platform to analyse and discuss the design profession as a whole. We undertake to demonstrate how designers can shape a positive future and to strengthen designers’ position and impact.

This year, DDW will take place from Saturday 19 October to Sunday 27 October 2024.

Why participate?

DDW is the largest design event in northern Europe. Where you can showcase your work to a broad, international audience. Why? Because DDW attracts a huge following annually: design enthusiasts, buyers, curators, businesses, government institutions, and colleagues.

Who can participate?

Designers from all possible backgrounds. DDW aims to provide both a broad overview of the design field and a realistic representation of societal issues. Diversity and multiplicity of voices are crucial to us. We specifically invite collaborations between designers, businesses, industry, science, policymakers, and knowledge institutions to register.

What are the criteria for my project?

You can apply with projects that meet these criteria:

  • The project fits our vision of design:
    We look ahead. Because we believe designers shape our future, and more so when collaborating between disparate design disciplines. Your design strength expresses itself in creative, artistic, speculative and innovative ways. You work from an individual or social perspective, on design that is conceptual or concrete.
  • Your project was conceived, developed or made in the past year and not previously shown in this way at DDW.
  • Your work is of a professional design standard.
  • The project is original and distinctive in idea and execution.
  • The design is innovative, and/or augments existing ideas.
  • Your work is relevant within the spirit of the times.
  • The project is ready for professional presentation.

How can I participate?

You can participate in DDW by responding to our Open Call. You can do this by creating a My DDW account and completing the application form here. For alternative ways of application, please feel free to contact us.

What does the application process look like?

Step 1.
Submit your project. Create a My DDW account and fill out the application form here. Read the participation terms carefully.

Step 2.
We'll review your application. If your project is approved, congratulations, and proceed to Step 3!

Step 3.
We'll send you a quote. Sign it digitally and pay the invoice within the specified period.

Step 4.
It's time to find a suitable location. Read more about finding a location that suits your project here or contact the locations we have recommended.

Step 5.
Once you've found a location, let us know where you'll be exhibiting via your My DDW account.

Step 6.
We'll contact your chosen location to confirm your exhibition space. Green light? Proceed to step 7!

Step 7.
We've approved and processed your location. It's your task to complete the information form for the printed map on your My DDW account. The deadline is Friday 9 August.

Step 8.
Time to finalise the process! From this point on, you can submit your project information in your My DDW account, the final and most important step for your participation in DDW24.

Step 9.
Enjoy Dutch Design Week 2024!

Where can I exhibit?

You know best what type of location suits your project. Therefore, we believe it's crucial for designers to make their own choices about where they want to hold their exhibition or activity. To assist you, we've compiled a list of available locations throughout Eindhoven. While finding a location is your own responsibility, we're more than happy to help if you need assistance.

Read more about available locations here

What are important dates and deadlines?

  • Monday 3 June: Deadline for registration for Ketelhuisplein
    You will receive a response to your registration by Saturday 15 June

  • Friday 14 June: End of Call for Entries (*except for graduates)
    You will receive a response to your registration by Friday 28 June

  • *Monday 1 July: End of Call for Entries for graduates
    You will receive a response to your registration by Friday 12 July

  • Friday 9 August: Deadline for submitting location and project information for the map

  • Sunday 1 September: Deadline for uploading project information for online programme on

  • Monday 2 September: Online programme visible on website

What are the costs?

  Basic participation fees DDW24
Exhibition (9 days) + activities
Individual Designer / Design Studio / Design Collective ≤ 5 participant / employees € 103,-
Design Studio / Design Collective
> 5 participants / employees
€ 515,-
Organisation Small (≤ 20 employees), Educational and Cultural Organisations € 876,-
Organisation Medium (21-40 employees) € 1.803,-
Organisation Large (> 40 employees) € 3.605,-

These costs are the basic participation fees for joining DDW. Participation may incur additional location and production costs, such as:

  • Venue rental or square meter price
  • Facility costs
  • Travel and accommodation expenses / catering / hosting
  • Insurance costs
  • Costs for (the production of) presenting your project

What do I get in return?

  • Participation in the largest design festival in northern Europe
  • Nine days of networking opportunities with a diverse international audience of design enthusiasts, buyers, curators, businesses, government institutions, and colleagues
  • A dedicated programme team to assist with any inquiries
  • Your own page in the online programme on
  • Listing on the DDW map
  • Two tickets for the DDW Grand Opening
  • Visibility of your design throughout Eindhoven by complimentary participation in the Design Rides
  • A number of free and discounted DDW tickets:


Participant Tickets included Tickets with discount*
Individual Designer / Design Studio / Design Collective ≤ 5 participant / employees 2 tickets 5 tickets
Design Studio / Design Collective
> 5 participants / employees
4 tickets 10 tickets
Organisation Small (≤ 20 employees), Educational and Cultural Organisations 5 tickets 10 tickets
Organisation Medium (21-40 employees) 10 tickets 15 tickets
Organisation Large (> 40 employees) 15 tickets 20 tickets

*As a participant, you can purchase a limited number of tickets with a €5 discount per ticket. The main registrant will receive discount codes for this purpose. Registering with multiple people? Then you are jointly responsible for the distribution.

How can I connect with the right people?

Match Preferences

By understanding your position in the design field, we can facilitate better matches and organise the best DDW experience for you. It is definitely not our intention to box you in, but to help you find the best place and approach to present your work and connect with relevant networks. This way we can increase your visibility and better enable valuable meetings and (business) opportunities.

Therefore, we would like to know:

  • Which design perspective best suits you as a designer and/or your work:
    • Signature & Collectible
    • Speculative & Social
    • Product & Craft
    • Service & Innovation
    • Independent & Critical
  • Which design discipline your work is related to
  • Which mission best aligns with your work:
    • Thriving Planet
    • Living Environment
    • Health & Well-Being
    • Equal Society
    • Digital Future
  • Based on the above aspects, how you would prefer to be matched?
  • Or, are you part of a cluster or group exhibition?

More information on Missions and Perspectives

Programme days

This year, we are introducing programme days dedicated to specific missions. Are you organising an activity that fits one of the above mentioned missions? Please, let us know via the application form in your My DDW Account.

Can you help me?

Of course! Our dedicated programme team assists with all your inquiries. You can reach out via email or give us a call at +31-40-29 61 150.