Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about Dutch Design Week. Please check the answers below before contacting us.

When is Dutch Design Week?
DDW will take place from 17 until 25 October 2020.

Where exactly will DDW take place?
The festival is distributed over 110 locations throughout Eindhoven. Once available, check the DDW20 programme for all locations.

What are the opening hours for DDW?
DDW is split into various design areas. The opening hours are different for each location, but most are open daily from 11:00-18:00 hours. Once available, have a look at the programme for more information and specific opening hours.

I have no transport. How can I reach all the DDW locations?
All DDW locations can be reached easily by bicycle. There are OV bicycles for rent at Eindhoven Central Station. Or take a Renault Design Rides to and from every DDW location (only available with DDW wristband). Please note: If you do not have a DDW wristband, you cannot use the Renault Design Rides. With the Hop-on Hop-off busses you can travel to all paid and unpaid DDW locations. More information will follow later this year.

I’m at the Witte Dame, but where can I find the Design Academy Graduation Show? It’s here every year, isn’t it?
In previous years the Graduation Show did indeed take place in the Witte Dame, but since last year it has a new DDW location. You will find the Graduation Show at the Campina site along the canal. See the location here on Google Maps.

How can I reach Eindhoven during DDW?
By Train
Coming by train to DDW, you will step right into a whirlwind of design. The intercity will take you to central station in the city centre. Local trains also stop at Strijp-S station. Check from 10 days before departure the Reisplanner on ns.nl or the Reisplanner Xtra app. 

By Car
Eindhoven is easy to reach by car. From Amsterdam/Utrecht via the A2, from Rotterdam/Tilburg via the A58, from Antwerp via the A67, and from Arnhem/Nijmegen via the A50. In and around Strijp S/T/R and in the city centre there are sufficient paid parking spaces. Route description.

By Air
Eindhoven Airport has a rapid bus connection that will take you to central station in no more than a quarter of an hour. From there, the various DDW locations can be reached on foot, by bicycle or using public transport. You can also hire a taxi if you wish: the fare from the airport to the city centre costs about € 25.

Can I take my bag inside with me?
You can take your bag with you to all of the DDW locations. Please note: no lockers are available at the festival. 

Can I bring my pet with me?
For all the paid DDW locations, except Sectie-C, only guide dogs are allowed. At the other locations there may well be other rules. Once available, check the DDW20 programme for the location concerned for all the info.

May I bring food and drink with me?
You are allowed to bring your own food and drink with you, but an extensive food&drinks programme is available. More info on all food&drinks locations will follow later this year.


How does the favourites feature on your website work? 
Once available, view the full DDW20 programme and filter the results by selecting a specific day, location, event, design discipline and design perspective. Select your personal DDW20 favourites by clicking on the heart-icon and include them in your personalised programme overview. View your personal favourites in your own My DDW environment and easily find them on your personalised DDW map.

How does the filter feature on the website work? Can I combine filters?
In the filter feature you can filter the programme by choosing a specific day, location, type of event, expertise or perspective. You can select a search query through clicking the circles. You can specify more options within one filter (e.g. days: Tue+Wed+Thu). You can remove the search query by clicking the circle again. 

Can I reserve bicycles on the website?
This is not possible. You can borrow an OV-Fiets (public transport bike) at the NS Station.

Is there a list of opening hours for each location?
Since opening hours may differ for each location, we don't have a list of specific opening hours. You can find them on the programme page for the particular event. The standard opening hours are 11:00 – 18:00 hrs.

I would like to know where I can see something about topic X.
You can use the filter on the programme page to find some of the disciplines. There are no dedicated overviews for every niche. Choose the most appropriate search filter and check if something matching comes up.

Can I find a digital map somewhere?
Yes, shortly before the event you can download a digital map from the ddw.nl homepage. You can also pick up a printed map at every DDW location during the festival.