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Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about Dutch Design Week. Please check the answers below before contacting us.


When is Dutch Design Week?

DDW takes place from 16 to 24 October 2021.

Where exactly will Dutch Design Week take place?

This year, DDW takes place from 16 to 24 October. The festival takes place every year in Eindhoven, spread across dozens of locations in the city. Check the DDW map for all locations. Besides visiting DDW in Eindhoven, you can also visit some online events at, such as the daily DDW TV livestream!

Which designers will I be able to see at Dutch Design Week?

Here you'll find the DDW21 programme, including all participating designers.

What are the opening hours of the different locations?

Opening hours vary by location. Most locations are open daily from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Check the online DDW programme or the printed map for opening times per location. At Sectie-C, the exhibitions and studios are open longer every day, until 8 p.m. Please note: The Graduation show by Design Academy Eindhoven opens on the first Saturday at 1 p.m.

Where do I get a ticket for DDW21?

Tickets for DDW21 will be for sale from September onwards via the DDW ticketpage.


What measures does DDW take to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

During DDW, we adhere to the guidelines set by the government. We expect our visitors to follow these guidelines and stay home in case of corona-related complaints.

Do I have to get tested if I want to visit DDW?

Testing before entry is not necessary when visiting official DDW locations. Going to a restaurant or bar? Check the measures for those separate places. Need more information? Check the Covid-19 page.


When do I need a coronavirus entry pass?

You don't need a coronavirus entry pass for access to DDW locations. Do you visit catering establishments, workshops, lectures, or other occasions where you stay at a fixed location for a longer time? Then you need a coronavirus entry pass. Without this, you cannot enter the site. Need more information? Check the Covid-19 page.

Do you want to know how to obtain a coronavirus entry pass? Watch the government video.

What happens if the government measures change?

Developments around corona are difficult to predict. If the government changes something, the DDW organisation will follow.

Where do I find more information on the coronavirus entry pass?

Find the latest news about the measures in place at DDW21 and the corona ticket on the Covid-19 webpage.

Do I have to wear a face mask somewhere?

Do you want to ride along a Mini Design Ride, take the bus or (for visitors in a wheelchair) use the Zonnebloem car? In that case wearing a face mask is mandatory. At all other DDW locations a face mask is not required.

DDW Tickets

Where do I get a ticket for DDW21?

Tickets for DDW21 are available via the DDW ticketpage.

What can you do with a DDW ticket?

During DDW, presentations by designers can be seen at more than 100 locations. You can exchange the DDW ticket once for a wristband. This wristband gives you nine days of access to:

  • Klokgebouw
  • Things that Matter @ Microlab Hall
  • Graduation Show Design Academy Eindhoven @ Beursgebouw
  • Van Abbemuseum - GEO—DESIGN: Budget Airlines
  • Sectie-C
  • Dutch Invertuals
  • Cabinet of Collaborations @ Fuutlaan
  • Kazerne – Home of Design
  • New Order of Fashion Lab
  • Philips Museum

All other DDW locations are free to visit. In addition, with the DDW ticket you can ride one of the MINI Design Rides at no charge. More information about the Design Rides can be found further on in these FAQ.

Admission to DDW is free to children 12 years and under.

What does a DDW ticket cost?

  Online At the door
DDW Ticket € 21,00 (incl. service costs)  € 25,00 each 
DDW Student Ticket / Children’s Ticket (12-18 years) € 14,00 (incl. service costs)  € 18,00 each 
DDW Family Ticket Not available online € 57,50 each 
Children up to 12 years Free Free


Covid-19 measures

Testing for access applies at some locations. Check which locations you need a Covid-19 admission ticket. Check for the latest information about Covid-19 measures during DDW21.

Can I buy a ticket just for Klokgebouw?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy individual tickets for the Klokgebouw, Microlab Hall, Graduation Show Design Academy Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum or Sectie-C. It is possible to buy a day ticket for Kazerne €5,-, Dutch Invertuals €4,-, New Order or Fashion Lab €2,-, or Philips Museum €11,-.

I only want to visit DDW for one day. Is there also a day ticket?

The DDW ticket is the same price as a day ticket. But there is so much to see! We therefore believe that you cannot visit DDW in one day. That is why we want to encourage visitors to come for an extra day. As long as you keep the wristband on, you can enjoy DDW for 9 days for the price of a day ticket.

Where do I exchange my e-ticket for a wristband or buy a ticket at the door?

You can exchange the DDW ticket for a personal wristband. This is possible at the following locations:

  • Klokgebouw
  • Microlab Hall
  • Van Abbemuseum
  • Sectie-C
  • Station Eindhoven Centraal
  • Cabinet of Collaborations / Fuutlaan

It is not possible to collect a wristband for someone else. The wristband is valid as soon as it is on your wrist. That is your ticket from Saturday 16 to Sunday 24 October. Once your wristband is removed, it is no longer valid.
At these locations it is also possible to buy a ticket at the door.

Is there a special discount for people over 65 or for Museum card holders?

We do not have discounts for people over 65, Museum card holders or We Are Public card holders. Discounts are only available for students and children aged 12 to 18. Do you have a CJP pass? Then you can buy a DDW Ticket for the CJP rate via the CJP website.

Is there a discount for people in a wheelchair?

No, there is no discount for visitors in a wheelchair. It is possible to pick up a free DDW ticket wristband for one aide at the service desk at the Klokgebouw or at the ticket location at Eindhoven Central Station.

I have ordered my tickets on invoice. Where can I pick up the wristbands?

Wristbands that companies or schools have ordered on invoice can be collected from the DDW office, unless otherwise agreed. The address is: Torenallee 22-08. Schools that have agreed to collect the wristbands at the pick-up point in the Klokgebouw can go there.

Are there any DDW tours for which I can buy a ticket this year?

Unfortunately there are no individual tours for which you can buy a ticket this year. We would like to have it come back next year. There are currently only business tours to book. Check the DDW tours page for more information.

Customer service SEE tickets

If you have any questions about the ticket, visit this page.

What can I do when I can't wear a wristband during DDW?

You may be eligible for a personal pass:

Do you make use of your DDW wristband for several days, but cannot keep it on all that time for compelling reasons (for example, because of your profession or a hospital admission)? Then DDW offers you the service of requesting a personal pass. This can be done at the service desk of the Klokgebouw and Design Academy Eindhoven. The pass is personal and replaces the wristband after it has been issued. Because the creation of the personal pass is an expensive and time-consuming process and serves as an exception to the regular ticket system, we charge a fee of €1.00 per pass.

Please note: you can only create a personal pass when you are still wearing your wristband. You must therefore first exchange your e-ticket or purchase a ticket at the box office before we can create a pass for you. Please request your pass immediately or as soon as possible after receiving your wristband. Again, if the wristband is cut, it loses its validity and it is no longer possible to produce a replacement pass. Only allow the service staff to cut the wristband for you.

Unfortunately, we cannot meet all requests to exchange a wristband for a pass. The decision of the service employee is final.

Practical info

Is there a DDW app?

No, there is no DDW app. You will find all the information on our mobile website. Go to for the programme and more. Tip: add the website to your home screen on your phone. Then you always have it at hand!

Is there a programme booklet?

No, but we do have an extensive map showing all locations and exhibitions. The online DDW programme contains extensive information about the exhibitions, events and locations.

Where is the first aid?

First aid and emergency care are available at all paid DDW locations. A special first aid post has been set up in Klokgebouw. Do you need first aid? Then speak to one of the DDW employees or someone at the location where you are.

Where is the press center?

The press centre is in Area 51, Strijp-S. You will find Area 51 at the Ketelhuisplein.

Where do I find the 'entresol'?

The entresol is an event location inside the Klokgebouw. Enter at the yellow entrance, on the corner of the Klokgebouw on the Beukenlaan side. Look out for the “entresol” signing.

Are all locations accessible with a wheelchair?

In the DDW programme, each location indicates whether it is wheelchair accessible. Do you have any specific questions about this? Please contact us on +31 (0)40 296 1150.

Is there a lost and found?

Yes. All items found are kept at the information desk of the Klokgebouw. Lost an item that hasn't been found? Send an email with a detailed description. What happens if someone finds a lost item during or after DDW? We will contact you. After DDW we store found items for up to one month.

Is there a cloakroom or are lockers available at the festival?

No, most locations do not have a cloakroom and there are no lockers.

Can I go out and back in again?

Yes, as long as you wear the wristband you can go in and out of locations. Keep in mind that it can get unexpectedly crowded in some locations. That means you have to queue (again).

Can I bring my dog to DDW?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in most DDW locations.

I would like to attend a substantive event. What does DDW have to offer?

Visit our DDW Talks Programme. Together with key figures from the field of design and beyond, we explore a diversity of design disciplines, discussing current affairs, reflecting on the past and casting our minds into the future.

Getting around at DDW

Are the Design Rides back?

Yes! MINI taxis transport visitors (daily between 11 am - 6 pm) to and from each DDW location. Get on at one of the taxi stands: Ketelhuisplein, Stadhuisplein, Fuutlaan, Sectie-C and Piet Hein Eek. Attention! You can only use the MINI Design Rides if you have a DDW wristband. Wearing a face mask is obligatory for both driver and passenger(s) during the ride.

Is there a hop-on-hop-hop-off bus between locations?

There will be no hop-on-hop-off bus this year. However, you can travel with the Hermes city buses that run extra trips during DDW. Buy an off-peak day ticket on the bus, or travel with your OV Chipkaart. Check the Hermes website for current prices.

Can you hire a bicycle at DDW?

There are several ways to hire a bicycle during DDW21. Bicycles can be hired at the Ketelhuisplein and Fuutlaan location. You can also hire a bicycle from NS at Central Station with your public transport chip card. NS will make extra bicycles available during the DDW. Visit the NS website for more information about hiring a bicycle with your OV chip card. While supplies last.

Download the DDW Map