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Classical concerts at Piet Hein Eek’s Factory

04 October 2018

Piet Hein Eek
Classical music the modern way

While entering Piet Hein Eek’s office, we ask him if this is where the magic happens. “Normally it’s just chaos that happens here”, Piet answers with a smile. The weeks and months leading up to the Dutch Design Week have him and his team working even harder than they usually do. His office reflects this and forms the creative chaos he flourishes under, but to calm his mind down while he works, he turns to his CD collection. “I mainly listen to classical music while I work here”, he explains. That is why he hosts classical concerts during DDW Music Festival in his workplace.

“When I was little, my parents always played classical music at home. When I hit puberty, I started listening to the more ‘cool’ music like funk and soul. As I got older, I started missing my parents music. About ten years ago, I really rediscovered my love for the classical genre.”

Piet was happy to show us around his workplace, or factory if you will. It houses huge machines that make vast amounts of wooden furniture and it’s one the main spots during DDW as well as DDW Music Festival. “The music will be playing between the machines in the heart of our company, which is really fun.” Besides the concerts, thousands of people will be visiting his workshop and restaurant during the DDW, as it is one of busiest locations.

In the factory, we see several people working, sawing and hammering away. They are surrounded by loud machines and huge piles of wooden planks. All this work makes so much noise, it’s hard to think, let alone imagine, delicate classical music being playing here. Yet, the contrast just might be the twist classical music sometimes needs to rejuvenate the genre.

The musicians that are playing here are neo or post classical and often use electronic elements combines with classical music. “That would be really nice. In my time it wasn’t that sexy. It still isn’t sexy, but it still keeps going”, Piet explains. “I always think they should make an opera with a modern film, but that might be difficult during DDW. Classical artists should be more modern in the way they represent themselves.” And it obviously doesn’t get much more modern than live classical music a big warehouse full of machinery.

The centre part of the factory will be where the concerts take place. It is the most busy part of the factory. During DDW, the working and sawing will make way for a stage and beautiful lighting for the concert. Piet promises to alter the vibe a bit, but not too much. “There will be less noise, but it will still be messy”, he laughs.

During DDW Music Festival, Pieter de Graaf & Lisa Morgenstern will perform on Wednesday October 24, and Winterdagen & Sommersault will perform on Friday October 26.

DDW Festival Ticket grants free acces to the concerts at Piet Hein Eek.

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