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Tips for DDW Music Festival by Eindhoven's music scene

16 October 2018

Alex Vargas @ DDW Music 2017 by Lieke Vermeulen
The timetable is out, we’re only a week a away from the big kick-off. Some people still might be pondering which shows they need to see during the week. That’s why we asked a couple of interesting people from Eindhoven to tip their favorite DDW Music Festival show.

Mathijs van Zantvoort |Collective Het Wild

The best thing about DDW is that even on a wednesday you have a good excuse to go to a club. One of these excuses is Dollkraut.

Dollkraut is bringing their band along to Eindhoven, which will give their electronic sound an extra dimension. Utrecht’s best kept secret Tala Drum corps are also dropping by, and they won’t be a secret for much longer. And to top it all off, Identified Patient will be bringing his deep, dark techno from Amsterdam to Eindhoven. And if that set slightly resembles his Boiler Room set, then we’re in for a treat.

Renee Scheepers, Nul Zes (DDW location right beside our own stage at NRE/Fifth)

My tip would be to close your eyes and wiggle your toes to the trio Khruangbin. It’s a bummer that show is already sold out. But don’t let that hold you back from checking out any other act of DDW Music. During this event you get the opportunity to check out a band that will be rocking out bis concert halls in two years.

I will never forget the time at Nul Zes in 2015 that we were eating pizza with the member of Stuff before their show. Two years later they were playing at big festivals like Best Kept Secret! So look for something you’ve never heard of, because before you know it, they will be as sold out as Khruangbin.

3voor12 | Local music platform

If we were to pick out one night of them all it would be the Tuesday in Dynamo. That basement will be filled with proper weirdness. Get out your weirdest outfit, or don’t even bother, because these artists won’t be out-freaked. Post-modern synths, weird lyrics, some punk/hardcore and performance art - this line-up has it all. 

© Patrick Spuytenburg

Meis Walia | RaRaRadio

Each year, there is one clear madness-peak at that place - that place that is the embodiment of madness - and that peak traditionally pops up during the DDW Music Festival hiphop programming at Stroomhuis. We predict that this night will keep up this yearly madness-peak tradition, which is why missing it is the worst thing you can possibly do that day. Monday night, with Black Acid + Ocho & Ibs + Rey Tranquilo.

Mijke Hurkx aka DJ Margie, Rush Records.

My ultimate tip is Timecop1983’s Synthwave Night in Dynamo, because this guy was in the attic of his house in a rural area surrounded by cows around Eindhoven. And in that attic he got on the internet and found a portal to a surrealistic dreamworld of Miami Vice, neon and synthetic audio. And now he found his audience from all over the world.