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Ambassador Ravi Naidoo | Advocate of creativity for a better world

18 October 2018

Ravi Naidoo by Martin Dijkstra
Ravi Naidoo is internationally renowned for the many ways in which he success-fully connects creativity and activism with social issues.

These three essential keywords form the common thread in whichever activity he engages in, which made it an easy decision for Dutch Design Week (DDW) to assign him the role of DDW-ambassador. Ravi Naidoo, is the founder of social design platform Design Indaba and has been involved in DDW for years. Each year, Design Indaba organises the world’s largest design conference to showcase what is happening at the forefront of potentially impactful design. His catalytic role in relation to socially oriented projects also reflects in the ‘Do Tank’ – a matchmaking platform for designers on the one hand, and companies and governments on the other. In addition, Naidoo has acquired the most prestigious design awards in his career. He has travelled around the world to discover innovative and groundbreaking concepts, with a focus on young talents and renewal in particular. When asked about his special focus on the next generation, Naidoo said the following: “These young designers are working towards a better future with their ideas and projects, thus helping people across the globe.”
This vision also shows in his body of work for DDW, especially regarding the activities he conducts as DDW-ambassador. Social innovation seems to be the underlying factor. DDW18 will feature the second edition of the Antenna conference, which provides a stage for creative talents from all over the world. The Antenna programme was founded last year by Naidoo in close collaboration with DDW. During the event, young designers will share their visions and concepts for the future with the intention of making these a reality. The programme also acquired a new component: the Antenna exhibition. This exhibition, set to take place at VEEM, Strijp-S, is meant to show that designers’ ideas are in fact realisable. More impactful design can be spotted at the Social Design Debate on 24 October. Ravi Naidoo himself will partake in the debate as well as many of his peers, like Peerby-founder Anna Noyons. Naidoo will also be speaking during the talk show Create Out Loud with the aim to unravel and make sense of the social media phenomenon ‘unboxing.’ His role as an ambassador is a perfect fit when it comes to DDW’s core values pertaining to talent development and inclusivity.

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