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Ambassador Laurens van den Acker | Pioneer in mobility

18 October 2018

Laurens van den Acker by Martin Dijkstra
DDW ambassador Laurens van den Acker sheds light on how designers are able to work closely together with corporations, organisations and companies.

He also shows that design is, above all, a teamsport. It’s all about connectivity and working on outstanding developments together. Dutch Design Week (DDW) shares these values with Van den Acker. Laurens van den Acker is the Senior Vice President Corporate Design of Renault. DDW invited him to become an ambassador because of his relentless support in establishing meaningful connections between industry, technology, creativity and end-users. His position at Renault gives him tangible insight into the future of mobility – a sector which is expecting largescale and complex changes. Everyone has to deal with transportation and infrastructure one way or the other, making these developments relevant to us all.
During DDW, Renault will provide a sneak peek into this near future. There’s a fair chance that driving autonomously will play a major role in this and will cause boundaries between the home sphere and means of transport to slowly fade. This is the vision portrayed by the presentation of Renault’s concept care SYMBIOZ at Ketelhuisplein, Eindhoven. In case you would like to know more about the means of transportation we can expect around 2030, you are welcome to tune in on van den Acker’s masterclass ‘The Future of Mobility’ by livestream on Friday 19 October (10:00hr-11:00hr). On Sunday 21 October (14:00hr-15:30hr), you can meet Van den Acker in person during The Future of Mobility feat. Laurens van den Acker, at the ABN AMRO Circl-e pavilion in the Klokgebouw. Here Van den Acker will premier new automotive concepts that he and his Renault team have been working on.

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