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Daily Design Area Recap: STRIJP-S

21 October 2018

zebra crossing by Niels (illustrator and artist, Eindhoven), photo: Renske Mehra
Woohoo! Dutch Design Week 2018 has started! DDW consists of eight design areas, each with its own character. Every day we take you to a different area and share tips. Today: the beating heart of the festival, Strijp-S.
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The focus on innovation, experiment and crossovers is what makes DDW so exciting and that's what you feel at Strijp-S. Visit Mind the Step and other exhibitions in the Klokgebouw and see how design, thanks to research and technology, plays an important role in the society of the future. The impressive Veemgebouw also provides a stage for young designers and innovative ideas. Outside, on Ketelhuisplein, you will find a variety of exhibitions, DDW Music acts and fancy food concepts.

Want a little break of exploring, and listen?

Join the tv recordings of VPRO De Toekomstbouwers. On Sunday, Monday and Friday Wilfried de Jong talks with eight young designers who help shape our future. The recordings are in the Innovation Powerhouse, check the site for more information.