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Daily Design Area Recap: HALLENWEG

23 October 2018

Label Vij5 - Renske Mehra
Day three of DDW! Did you know that the festival consists of eight design areas? Every day, we take you to a different area and share exhibitions, experiences and stories. Today, we meet and mingle with the designers of the Hallenweg.
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During DDW, the designers of the Hallenweg welcome you in their studios! Design label Vij5 explores the boundaries of crowdfunding with Kies Kleur. The public is involved in one of the most important choices of a design process: choosing the colour. Jeroen Wand and Maarten Baptist are also exhibiting in this area. Just a stone's throw away is the church of Atelier NL, last year's ambassador of Dutch Design Week. Visit their workshop and see the extraordinary collection of ceramics and glass. In the same church you will also find the Embassy of Water.

Spend a night in design

Enjoy DDW a little longer and book a room in Hotel Insomnia, a few minutes walk from the Hallenweg. Being a concept hotel with a healthy sleep disfunction, every room is unique and made by different designers and artists. Located in De Fabriek (and also open for a visit during the day!).