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Daily Design Area Recap: SECTIE-C

27 October 2018

Daily Design Area Recap: SECTIE-C - Renske Mehra
Did you know that the festival consists of eight design areas? Every day, we take you to a different area and share exhibitions, experiences and stories. Today, Sectie-C!
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Anyone who has ever been to Sectie-C, will return for sure. At this design hub in Eindhoven you will find design studios, gardens, stages, exhibitions and laboratories. Cooperation between creative entrepreneurs, artists and musicians makes Sectie-C a real DDW hotspot every year. A must-do is the audio tour by the designers of We Are. Together with the designers you dive into the life of a human rights activist and question what role design can play in the struggle for human rights.  

Tasting design

Why do we like exactly what we like? Can we become happier and smarter by eating the right things? Food design studio The Eatelier and chef Pippens will answer these questions with 28 Grams of Happiness by translating research into food. At a beautiful spot on Sectie-C, they provide an educational and sensational lunch and dinner every day.