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Daily Design Area Recap: CENTRAL

28 October 2018

Design Perron - Renske Mehra
O no, just one more day to enjoy #DDW18! For today, we explored the area that runs from Eindhoven Station to the NRE site, an area that can be comfortably explored on foot.
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Start in the Student Hotel where Wouter Corvers questions the human scale. He built a house (in one month!) that takes into account both his height (2.05 m) and that of his girlfriend (1.70 m). His work is part of the exhibition Embassy of Urban Transformation. The Design Perron again offers a stage to a large number of designers. In the indoor garden you can try out the outdoor furniture of LEAF the office. On the NRE site, you can visit the work of Alissa + Nienke, a material research-based design studio with a unique interpretation of surface design. In Edhv's studio, Dutch Invertuals discusses human nature to strive for more and more. The designers offer experimental design concepts on shifting the focus to ‘less’, investigating what it means to ‘take away’.

Feel like seeing more?

Join the DDW bike tour starting at the Brandstore Eindhoven/VVV on the Stationsplein at 2pm. A guide will take you along the hidden gems of the Dutch Design Week.