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The future of electric driving

13 November 2018

Renault is a forerunner in the field of 100% electric cars in Europe. In order to retain and strengthen this position, Renault continues their development in the field of electric driving in the broadest sense of the term. Because in addition to developing new models, Renault invests extensively in a number of innovative collaborations.
Smart Charging
© Renault

Smart Charging

In collaboration with Jedlix, Renault has developed new products that make charging and consequently driving electric cars easier and more affordable. Smart Charging is an example of such a product.

Smart Charging aligns the electric car’s charging process to the user’s needs and supply from the electricity grid. The car charges when the energy supply exceeds the demand, primarily when there is a surplus of sustainably generated energy, but also during off-peak hours when the energy price is the lowest. This brings about an increase in the purchase of sustainable and economical energy.

We Drive Solar

Thirty electric Renault ZOE share-cars have been made available in the Lombok district of Utrecht, the Netherlands. All the required electricity comes from solar panels. We Drive Solar focuses on creating a liveable city centre area, sustainable mobility and sustainable energy. The objective is to further develop the car sharing programme and to have a hundred ZOE share-cars available in Utrecht by the end of 2018. Renault sees this project as an important living lab for gathering knowledge.

Renault and Paris share vision on electric mobility

Renault is also actively developing new initiatives beyond the Netherlands. As a company of French origin, Renault works closely with the municipal government of the French capital Paris. Both partners are committed to sharing their knowledge and skills to develop electric mobility for residents of and visitors to Paris and Île-de-France. They do this based on a shared vision on the future of mobility that is characterised by challenges including climate change, public health, travel convenience, accessibility and income and expenditure. Share-cars and electric driving play a crucially important role in meeting these challenges.

Groupe Renault took the first step by beginning to offer electric mobility to residents of and visitors to Paris and Île-de-France in September 2018:

  • Sharing electric vehicles that are accessible 24/7.
  • Renault vehicles, with a driver and via mobility service Marcel.

The offering encompasses the entire range of Renault electric vehicles: the ZOE, Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E. A fleet of 2,000 electric vehicles for transporting Paris residents and visitors through the city will become available at the end of 2019.

Renault organised a similar concept, albeit it on a smaller scale, during Dutch Design Week (DDW). Visitors to the festival had the opportunity to become acquainted with electric driving by using one of the 45 shared Renault ZOE Design Rides. Initiatives with 100% electric share-cars, like the ones used during DDW, in the Lombok district of Utrecht and the metropolis of Paris confirm the importance and value Renault attaches to realising collaboration and a 100% electric future in the field of mobility.

During the next phase, the municipal government of Paris and Renault want to launch an open workgroup in which large cities and companies from around the world will participate.