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Designer Dialogues: Onno Adriaanse

01 October 2019

Manon Vosters
The creatives of Sectie-C, an Eindhoven based design hub, initiated BLANK SPACE MAGAZINE, a magazine that portrays different creative makers in their workplaces while interviewed by colleagues. What fascinates, inspires and drives them to do what they do? Especially for, BLANK SPACE MAGAZINE edited the interviews into interesting short stories. In this episode, we’re taking a look inside the studio of Onno Adriaanse.
Onno Adriaanse
© Manon Vosters

Where shall we sit? On top of the table saw?

If you don’t accidently press the on-button. No, don’t worry. The saw is down and can’t be turned on. (Laughing)

Are you looking for a new studio?

I don’t necessarily want to go to a new place. I like it here very much, but if there would be an even better option I would think about it. However, the last few weeks I’ve been working here a lot again and I realized how nice this studio actually is. It is almost like a playground. Everyone is welcome and everything is allowed. I make lots of dust and noise. That is what I want: to have a workshop where I can do that. Sometimes I think we all want too much and end up taking a step that is too big too soon. This studio is exactly what I need and yet I still think: ‘I want more.

Do you see a development in your own studio?

Well, I want to stay here at Sectie-C for the coming years to build something and then take the next step.

Close-up studio Onno Adriaanse
© Manon Vosters

Do you have an idea where that next step could lead to?

I have a goal in mind of what I want. I want to create work in a studio like this. By hand. That’s important. At some point I want to be able to make a living from my work. Actually, my dream is to have a small team of four or five people working for me who make my objects. Those objects then need to sell well so we can all have fun. Something like that. Basically, I want to grow into a small business. I don’t imagine myself having a huge company.

Do you only make one-offs or are you aiming for mass production?

I want to make sculptures. The series that I’m working on now consists of three objects in an edition of eight. That is the deal with the gallery. In my designs I try to incorporate surprising materials or techniques. Most of these techniques are very time consuming and are therefore rarely used these days. They are not feasible for cheap mass production.

Close-up studio Onno Adriaansen
© Manon Vosters

Pushing the boundaries of a material seems to characterize your work, doesn’t it?

You could say that, but…

You don’t see it that way?

If I say that I’m pushing the boundaries it sounds like such a big statement. I do like to experiment. I like to see it when something breaks. When someone says: ‘We don’t use that material like that’, I think: ‘That sounds interesting, let’s try it anyway.’ My work should amaze people and make them wonder how it is made.

Well, it looks really amazing. Can I see your office upstairs?

Of course, but there isn’t that much to see there.

© Manon Vosters

Is this your mess behind the curtain?

I never throw away anything. You know what the best thing is? When I saw a piece of metal, I throw the leftovers in a drawer back there. A week or a year later I open that drawer and that piece of leftover metal is exactly the size I need at that moment! It’s happened to me more than once. There is nothing as satisfying as that.

The full interview with Onno Adriaanse can be found in the second edition of BLANK SPACE MAGAZINE. You can follow BLANK SPACE MAGAZINE here.

Interview: Mies Loogman / Photography: Manon Vosters / Tekst editor: Mats Horbach