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People of DDW: Production

19 October 2019

Meet the People of DDW! Every day, we highlight a different group of dedicated team members who make this festival possible. From members of the construction team to volunteers, from drivers of the Renault ZOE Design Rides to the participating designers, we ask them everything! Today in the People of DDW: The construction and production staff of Ketelhuisplein.
Sjack van den Berg, Truck mounted crane operator
© Biobasecamp, Ketelhuisplein

'Before I started this project, I had never heard of Dutch Design Week. So after I looked on the internet to understand what Dutch design really is about, I discovered my interest for design.' - Sjack

André Wellenberg, Assembly worker
© Biobasecamp, Ketelhuisplein

'It was a unique experience for me to be part of the production team of Biobasecamp. Never before have I been able to work on a project like this.' - André

Bas Bonekamp, Freelance assembly worker
© Biobasecamp, Ketelhuisplein

'What I really like is the way you can give a house its own character by using wood.' - Bas

Henri Lammers, Freelance builder exhibitions
© Biobasecamp, Ketelhuisplein

'I think that the art and cultural sector in the Netherlands should be strongly encouraged. DDW is a great example of what the results may lead to.' - Henri

Joyce Langezaal, Exhibition designer
© Biobasecamp, Ketelhuisplein

'We're on the brink of a housing challenge. If we didn't do this in concrete, but in wood, we'd be storing a lot of CO2 at the same time.' - Joyce

Charlotte Verschuuren, Operational project manager
© Ketelhuisplein

'I really love the fact that I can make the exhibition of Provincie Noord-Brabant for Dutch Design Week!' - Charlotte