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People of DDW: Volunteers

20 October 2019

Selection of volunteers at DDW19
Meet the People of DDW! Every day, we highlight a different group of dedicated team members who make this festival possible. From members of the construction team to volunteers, from drivers of the Renault ZOE Design Rides to the participating designers, we ask them everything! Today in the People of DDW: The volunteers.
Nico Goossens, Entry check at Veem

'I have been a volunteer at DDW for many years now and I am looking forward to it every single year. I always think it's sadly when the week is over.' - Nico

Vivianne Dumasy, Host

'It's great to see that all kinds of people are interested in design and culture.' - Vivianne

Harrie Hoeks, Volunteer at Dutch Design Week Press Centre

'I like to contribute to Dutch Design Week and the promotion of the city of Eindhoven. I am also interested in design, especially the sustainable projects and products.' - Harrie

Noa Smolenaars, Host and information guide

'Bringing together students, volunteers and also people from the whole country and abroad. A fusion of designers and visitors. Everyone really has their own story here.' - Noa

David Riupasa, Internal tours at the Klokgebouw

'I really like technology, a beautiful car with new possibilities, but also robotics. I've always been in ICT myself, so I like the futuristic possibilities.' - David

Andrej Marinkovic, Ticket-scan at the Klokgebouw

'I study architecture and to be part of DDW by volunteering is a way of inspiration, motivation and a way to gain knowledge about what the future is going to look like.' - Andrej

Litty Salas, Information Guide

'I think design is about all the aspects of everyday life, where every single person can relate to in some way.' - Litty