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People of DDW: Designers

23 October 2019

Selection of designers at DDW19
Meet the People of DDW! Every day, we highlight a different group of dedicated team members who make this festival possible. From members of the construction team to volunteers, from drivers of the Renault ZOE Design Rides to the participating designers, we ask them everything! Today in the People of DDW: The designers.
Anne Smits
© Blue Jay

'It is totally different to exhibit at DDW than at a technical fair. It’s a great experience. You get totally different feedback from visitors as you get in contact with them.' - Anne

Shiran Gort
© Four Leaves

'The good thing about Dutch Design Week is that people come to hear stories. People are interested in what’s behind a product. We are given plenty of time to explain what we stand for.' - Shiran

Aurore Piette Studio
© Marecreo

'It's nice to see everyone exchange their vision of design of the future at DDW.' - Aurore

Mingus Vogel and Justus Bruns of Studio Vouw
© Chairwave

'With Chairwave, we're really trying to bring people together through technology.' - Mingus

Cathelijne Speller
© The Knitwit Stable project, Reina Ovinge

'People often have no clue about the supply chain of products. So they are really excited to see how you get to a final product from wool. They have no idea of this in advance.' - Cathelijne

Lester Wilson
© Purpose

'With design you can really shape the world. That's what I find so inspiring about it.' - Lester

Jelle Reith
© Aiml installation curated by CLEVER°FRANKE X Jelle Reith & Ibo Ibelings

"Aiml shows that things are going well at Dutch Design Week, because the drawings are drawn on the 'cheerful' side of the installation. Aiml draws how she feels." - Jelle