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Close-up: Klokgebouw

21 October 2019

Klokgebouw, Cleo Goossens
Dutch Design Week (DDW) offers projects from the entire spectrum of design in over 100 different locations. The three main locations that have been curated by DDW are Klokgebouw, VEEM, and Ketelhuisplein. Klokgebouw is primarily focused on technology and innovation. This year, we experience Klokgebouw through the eyes of art director Bas van Tol.

What can you expect?

Klokgebouw is one of the main locations of DDW. In this former Philips building, centrally located at Strijp-S, everything revolves around technology and innovation. The former factory halls offer the perfect surroundings for this. Here, you will find an inspiring group of designers, collectives, organisations, and companies, all selected by the team of DDW. The iconic Klokgebouw is the starting point of many DDW visitors. Want to have a look for yourself? You can do so until Sunday 27 October 27.

Programme DDW19

In Klokgebouw you will find designers, studios, companies, and educational and cultural organisations. Together they move across the boundaries of design, technology, and society. They offer a range of innovative products and concepts, some of which are already tangible and some of which are still conceptual. They are all speculative ideas for the near future. This year they have been brought together in a landscape of optimism, under the supervision of Art Director Bas van Tol (Studio Muller van Tol).

The optimistic landscape is the overlapping theme of the three different halls in Klokgebouw. This theme is visualised through a colourful layer of horizontal screens. These curtains form a horizon that connects the different exhibitions. They spark a feeling of optimism and connectivity. This also reflects Bas van Tol’s vision: major changes are not driven by politics, but result from society, provided that they have the necessary support. In order to realise change it is crucial that people share a similar, recognisable, and most importantly positive image of the future. This is where the powerful role of designers comes into play. Through design, complex changes can be made visible in relatable ways. Working together towards a positive future is the central message in Klokgebouw 2019.

Hal 1 Klokgebouw
© Cleo Goossens

Hall 1 | DDW Lounge

You can have a relaxed start to your DDW visit while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in Hall 1. On the surrounding walls you can read everything about DDW: what this year’s theme is, who the ambassadors are, but also practical information regarding the different options for transport and the different DDW Routes.

Driving Dutch Design
© Cleo Goossens

Hall 2 | Connecting Collaborations

Hall 2 focuses on connecting collaborations. Driving Dutch Design is aimed at young design professionals, the Embassy of Health is focused on new developments in medical care and the concept cars of Renault. Central to this knowledge exchange is ABN AMRO’s CIRCL-E, designed by Overtreders W.

© Jeroen van der Wielen

Hall 3 | Technology - Design - Research

Universities and schools are at the forefront of new generations of designers. The Willem de Kooning Academy and the joint presentation of the four Dutch technical universities, Delft, Eindhoven, Twente, and Wageningen, can be found in hall 3. In addition, international universities Royal College of Art / Imperial University from London and the University for Applied Sciences Berlin are located in hall 3 too. Central to this hall is the Speakers Corner.

Antenna Exhibition
© Cleo Goossens

Hall 4 | Urban - Habitat

Hall 4 reflects on DDW19’s theme “If not now, then when?”. The project “Panorama Nederland” from the College of Government Advisors shares a positive view on the future of the Netherlands. Furthermore, you can see exhibitions of cultural institutions such as the Creative Industry Fund and the Antenna Expo with work of some of the world’s best design graduates. All projects demonstrate how social and social issues can be tackled and visualised through design.

Bright at Embassy of Health
© Cleo Goossens