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Daily Design Area: Hallenweg

22 October 2019

Johan Moorman & Yorit Kluitman
Did you know that the festival consists of nine design areas? Every day, we show your around a different area of Dutch Design Week (DDW). This time: Hallenweg!
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During DDW, the designers of the Hallenweg welcome you in their studios! Design label Vij5 provides insight into the composition and origin of the Vij5 collection. In their own church, the former DDW ambassadors AtelierNL present an inside forest that explains the importance of trees and the sustainable use of them in design projects. In the same church, you can find the presentsation of Arita in which you will see ceramics and prototypes made by designers while on a trip to Japan. Visit Studio van der Zandt to see the intriguing works of several international talents. The duo behind Vij5 provides an insight into the composition and origin of the Vij5 collection. And to end it all, you can let yourself be amazed by 50/50, the enormous 'coin track' of HeyHeyDeHaas.