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People of DDW: Design Ride Drivers

25 October 2019

Meet the People of DDW! Every day, we highlight a different group of dedicated team members who make this festival possible. From members of the construction team to volunteers, from drivers of the Renault ZOE Design Rides to the participating designers, we ask them everything! Today in the People of DDW: The drivers of the Renault ZOE Design Rides.
Henk Mikkers
© Renault ZOE Design Ride

'I'm very excited to be able to contribute as a Design Ride driver. You meet all kinds of people, almost always positive, rarely negative. It's a very nice experience.' - Henk

Albert Falck
© Renault ZOE Design Ride

'What is most important is that people are satisfied with this service and what they get to see at DDW. That’s most important; that DDW is for everybody. Also for the youth, for their development.' - Albert

Jessica Rast
© Renault ZOE Design Ride

'I had a woman from Tel-Aviv in the car this week. She had been here for six days last year and then she was angry with herself, because her stay was too short. So this year she booked for ten days.' - Jessica

Peter Cornelis
© Renault ZOE Design Ride

'Once we drive I always tell that the ride is free, but everyone has to sing a song. So I've already collected songs from all over the world." - Peter

Nico Rombouts
© Renault ZOE Design Ride

'I became a Design Ride Driver because of the diversity of people you get in your car. I always say: driving is fun, but meeting people makes it even better. You never know who will get in your Design Ride and where they come from.' - Nico

Hans Damsteeg

'As far as design concerned, I am very interested in the re-use of things and materials. How you can manage to achieve the maximum effect with minimal tools.' - Hans