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People of DDW: Food & Drinks

Meet the People of DDW! Every day, we highlight a different group of dedicated team members who make this festival possible. From members of the construction team to volunteers, from drivers of the Renault ZOE Design Rides to the participating designers, we ask them everything! Today in the People of DDW: The food and drinks staff!
Gabriël Stekelenburg
Frietje Precies

'Despite the crowds, there is time to talk to customers, and they are truly interested in the product we sell. They make conscious choices about what they eat.' - Gabriël

Jelle van Brakel

'Many people have asked us if we can stay here always, all year round.' - Jelle

Doreen Westphal
Zwarma Foodtruck, Botanic Bites

'Often when you have vegetarian food, people know what they don’t eat, but they don’t know what they do eat. We are very clear about this: you eat shoarma, made from mushrooms. And people like that clarity.' - Doreen

Mike Burer
Koffiehuisje, Het Ketelhuis

'The visitors are very international, young and old. Everyone can visit DDW, there is not one specific target audience.' - Mike

Jan-Willem van der Aa
Botanical Lab by Jan-Willem van der Aa and Jeroen Veldkamp (Design by Lianne Bongers, Studio Lime)

'The thing that surprised me the most, was the number of tattoos that people were getting. One afternoon more than twenty tattoos were put on. The tattooing really added a nice value to the Botanical Lab.' - Jan-Willem

Richard Althusius
The Kitchen, De Bijenkorf

"I prefer tangible products, like at the station the project with the lights. Then I really start wondering how do they make that?" - Richard