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A new generation of Dutch designers

12 December 2019

Graduation Show 2019 at Design Academy Eindhoven,<br /> Max Kneefel
With presentations by both established and new designers, design labels, young talents, design students and recent graduates, Dutch Design Week (DDW) is perfect for discovering the future of the (design) world. There is special attention for design courses. The combination of Dutch and international schools provides a varied picture of design education in different countries. In this article we focus on Dutch schools.

Everything changes so quickly, and this requires a different designer than before, with a constant inquisitiveness and open attitude

In carefully selected exhibitions you will find the work of this new generation, for many a first step into the world of design and exhibitions. In line with the theme of DDW19 'If not now, then when? This year, the schools showed that a new generation of designers is about to change the world around them. In this article we highlight a number of national schools. Curious about international schools? Please read the article A new generation of international designers.

Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven

For many visitors, Design Academy Eindhoven’s Graduation Show is a regular highlight during the nine days of DDW. Until two years ago, you could still find this retrospective exhibition in the school building, De Witte Dame, but with the increasing number of students, it became more and more cramped. That is why this year, for the second time running, the venue of choice was Campina's former milk factory. The spacious industrial halls are the perfect backdrop for the work of the 120 bachelor students and 61 master students. This year an extra floor was added to the content and clustering of the presentations. The bachelor's students had defined eight perceptions of the world of the future and the master's students developed five overarching design identities. Just as in previous years, the diversity of the work was great, from traditional materials to high-tech designs, and from conceptual ideas to functional tools and utensils.

ArtEZ School of the Arts, Arnhem

This year, ArtEZ University of Arts from Arnhem had presentations at two locations during DDW. In the Embassy of Sustainable Design at Strijp-T, ArtEZ Future Makers exhibited Labyrinth Sustainability. This theme emphasizes the urgency for the transition to sustainability and a more circular economy. ArtEZ Future Makers wants to show the visitors how complex a sustainable design is. By actively involving the public in the presentation, visitors were challenged to take steps towards a sustainable world. In addition, the Bachelor of Interior Architecture (IN_architecture) at Design Perron presented the graduation work by the class of 2019. The projects shown reflected on the constantly changing world, in which a designer must always be able to relate to new questions. Everything changes so quickly, and this requires a different designer than before, with a constant inquisitiveness and open attitude. The students' projects explored this new attitude and so they explored their own boundaries and those of the interior design field.

Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe), Eindhoven

Eindhoven is also home to one of the most renowned institutes of technology in the Netherlands: Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). During DDW19 TU/e presented the exhibition Drivers of Change. These research and design projects showed the latest developments in the field of integrated photonics, biomedical highlights at nano level and smart components for the solar car Lightyear, a project that was proclaimed the winner of the VPRO Future Builders during DDW last year. With more than 70 projects from different faculties, the exhibition showed how the future is shaped today, from very tangible to quite speculative.

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Artemis, Amsterdam

The 2018 Artemis alumni show how the most important developments in society translate into innovative and applicable solutions at product, spatial and communication level. The students provide their own insight into the future of food, interior, fashion, media, retail and society as a whole.

Danielle van Geer, for example, presents an interesting research project on the role of brands in society. In these changing times, we need guidance. Where in the past the church gave us direction, brands now seem to take over this role. In her photo book she shows what this means.

Hugo Loomeyer, on the other hand, foresees a future in which we go back to basics. He created a fictional campaign for SIRE, to reinstate real human contact. 'Voor de Hand', is a campaign with photos, events and even a livestream clapping symphony.