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Kiki&Joost: Ribbon cutting replaced by a weld

09 January 2020

FUTURE WORKSPACE by Kiki&Joost,<br /> Marielle Leenders
There is a new creative hub in town. At the edge of the former Campina site, also since last year the backdrop for the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show, design duo Kiki&Joost have founded a new studio. Under the name Future Workspace, they opened their doors on the first Saturday of Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2019.
© Marielle Leenders

The renovation of the somewhat dilapidated building took many hours of hard work over a period of months, but the results are extraordinary. It is a contemporary building where work, presentation and making come together. The wood structure of the large central hall provides space for exhibitions and upstairs you will find an office and showroom. On the ground floor there is space for machines, tools and a stock of steel. This was where the official opening took place.

The importance of connecting was literally expressed in the official opening act

The Eindhoven alderman for mobility, culture and design, city centre and city marketing, Monique List-de Roos, was invited to open the workshop. In her speech she emphasized the importance of designers like Kiki&Joost for the city of Eindhoven. "They are real Eindhoven designers. They were educated at Design Academy Eindhoven and stayed in Eindhoven after graduating. I'm proud to be able to keep these designers in the city. It wasn't always easy, they've had their studio in different places, anti-squatting and squatting. That's why it's extra nice that they've now found a permanent place.


Kiki&Joost in turn gave an emotional speech in which they thanked all their partners for the collaboration, including their parents. The importance of connecting was literally expressed in the official opening act: a ribbon was not cut, Joost believed that symbolised separation. No, the alderman was given a welding shield and set to work. She welded two pieces of steel together, a nice representation of connection, in general and with this place.

The municipality is happy that they feel so connected with the city. It is admirable that they also involve others in their enthusiasm and are connected with other designers, architects and artists. This is in line with the new policy of the Municipality of Eindhoven to give designers a permanent place in the city. This is how we are working together on a new creative community. Kiki & Joost’s new place is for making, watching and buying. A perfect example of the new creative industry."