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A Digital Friday for the books

18 February 2020

Digital Friday, 2019. © Oscar Vinck
Last Dutch Design Week (DDW), we teamed up with our partners to organise DDW talks, a new curated talks programme. Together with key figures from the field of design and beyond, we explored a diversity of design disciplines, discussed current affairs, reflected on the past and looked towards the future. On Friday 25 October, we joined forces with Dutch Digital Design and organised 'Digital Friday' with 'DDW Talks: Digital Design'.

During DDW talks: Digital Design leading agencies and brands shared their vision on the future of digital design. They presented recent interactive projects and collaborations between different disciplines. The talks day was moderated by Bert Hagendoorn, founder and chairman of Dutch Digital Design.

We investigated the boundaries of the digital and physical world through design. – Bert Hagendoorn

CLEVER°FRANKE kicked off with the live data visualisation they created for BMX Freestyle. Vruchtvlees presented on the rebranding of Miro, the leading visual collaboration platform. Followed by WeTransfer, who shared their storytelling site WePresent and where WeTransfer is today. MediaMonks talked about 'Into the Wild', the world's biggest mixed reality experience. CODE D'AZUR shared The Lockdown, world’s first mobile AR escape room. After that, Sony presented their vision on the relationship between humans and robotics. Adobe talked about the possibilities with Adobe XD. Last but not least, the winner of the challenge for young creative talents presented his case, a concept for Philips Hue.


The live data visualisation project for the BMX event (winner of a Dutch Design Award in the category Service & Systems ‘19) is a great example of how designing with real-time sensor data and technology can enhance the experience of a sports event. Pietro Lodi, UX and Data Information Designer, talked about how CLEVER°FRANKE helped The Royal Dutch Cyclist Union raise the professional profile of the sport. He also shared the innovative ways through which they tackled the challenges of creating a live data visualisation

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Vruchtvlees - Yira Rodriquez Garcia

How to conquer place and time? The rebranding of Miro, the leading visual collaboration platform. How do you collaborate across borders, time zones and a team of over 50 members? Vruchtvlees managed to conquer the challenge of time and place and rebranded the platform within a three-month timeframe. Yira Rodriquez Garcia, projectmanager at Vruchtvlees, shared some compelling examples of the lessons learned.

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WeTransfer - Thomas Schrijer & Karen van de Kraats

Thomas Schrijer works as Art Director and Karen van de Kraats is Senior Designer at the WeTransfer Studio. When WeTransfer launched the WePresent storytelling site in 2018, they wanted to approach it differently than others. They not only wanted to highlight stories, but also the way they present them. Content and design came together from the first moment. Karen talked about this process, while Thomas told us more about where WeTransfer came from and where they are today.

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MediaMonks - Rhys Davelaar

How can you keep a globally distributed teams creative and effective? In her talk, Creative Director Rhys Davelaar will talk you through 'Into the Wild: the world's biggest mixed reality experience'. The experience is meticulously mapped to a physical location in Singapore but was made on the other side of the planet in the Netherlands. By letting each deliverable work in your advantage, Rhys explained how teams can overcome time zone challenges and actually make even better projects.

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CODE D'AZUR - Erik Rave

To help ABN AMRO attract the best IT talent, CODE D’AZUR created the world’s first mobile AR escape room, The Lockdown. In the game, set in 2028, players are challenged to save the world from a financial catastrophe by solving problems with themes such as information security and blockchain. In his talk, Technical Director Erik Rave shared how technology and design were brought together in creating this game.

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Sony - Rikke Gertsen Constein

In a rapidly transforming technological landscape, Sony is developing a vision for robotics that will enrich people’s lives and society. Their vision is to create robotics that engage with our humanity so that we will begin to feel an affinity towards them. Rikke Gertsen Constein, Global Art Director for Sony Creative Center at the Design Center Europe, explained the idea in her talk. 

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Adobe - Stephanie Maier

During her talk, UX / UI Evangelist Stephanie Maier talked about how in Adobe XD you cannot only create interactive screen designs both at a wireframe level as well as at high fidelity design level super-fast, you can also bring your photography from Photoshop to live, work across Illustrator with illustrations, create animations and export them to After Effects, use or code XD’s 3rd party plugins and create presentations such as this one.

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