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30 April 2020

Panel discussion during DDW talks: Art & Collectables at DDW19 © Paul Marques Da Cruz
Last Dutch Design Week (DDW), we joined forces with our partners to organise DDW talks, a new curated talks programme. Together with key figures from the field of design and beyond, we explored a diversity of design disciplines, discussed current affairs, reflected on the past and looked towards the future. On Thursday 24 October, we teamed up with Collectible, Studio Drift and Maarten Baas to organise ‘DDW Talks: Art & Collectables’.

During DDW talks: Art & Collectables specialists from both the art- and design industry shared insights on the latest initiatives to expand the market of design collectables related to technology and art. The day started off with two interesting master classes by Studio Drift and Maarten Baas, and was concluded by a panel discussion of designers Kiki van EijkThomas Ballouhey, and curator and editor Aidan Walker

Through our artworks, we want to re-connect people with nature, showing them the purity and at the same time complexity of the world around them. - Studio Drift

Studio Drift

Last year's DDW ambassador, Studio Drift, kicked off the day with a master class on how to start your own art business as a talented start-up. Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, the studio's founding duo, share a sincere passion for nature, science fiction and technology. They translate this passion into site-specific installations and interactive sculptures, like this performance above NASA grounds last year.

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Maarten Baas

The work of Maarten Baas finds itself at the intersection of art and design. It is known for its rebellious, intellectual, theatrical and artistic character. With his oeuvre, Maarten occupies a unique position in the field of conceptual art, design, craftsmanship, installations, public space and performance. He explained more about his work in his master class. 

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Panel discussion: Kiki van Eijk, Thomas Ballouhey and Aidan Walker

In this panel discussion, three important names from the field shared their visions of the ecosystem of 'collectable design'.

Kiki van Eijk
Kiki has made a name for herself as an independent designer, but is also one of the two faces behind the design studio Kiki&Joost, which she founded together with her partner Joost van Bleijswijk in 2001. Together kiki and Joost, among others, represent a new generation of Dutch designers. 

Thomas Ballouhey
Thomas Ballouhey is a French product designer based in Eindhoven. In 2016, Thomas graduated in 2016 from the Contextual Design Department at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Aidan Walker MA (Cantab), FRSA
Within the art- and design industry, Aidan Walker is known as a creator, curator and editor in the field of design. Besides, Aidan frequently hosts conferences and seminars in the design, architecture and fine art worlds. 

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‘By looking at things without preconceptions, materials and techniques can be harvested from an unfamiliar perspective.’ Thomas Ballouhey