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A Global Digital Museum Week, pt. 2

23 April 2020

©Christian Fregnan
Because this year is the first fully digital National Museum Week, we have collected some great museums for you to visit online! But there is a little twist, why stick to The Netherlands when you're fully digital? We have expanded our horizon and gathered online museums from Tilburg to Taipei. Check out all of our museum tips in this article!

1. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (NL)

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is notorious for its never ending queues, but.. Welcome to the perks of the digital world! Tune in from home and check out the different online tours, the online collection, and FAQ about Van Gogh; like why did he cut off his ear? Whether you're looking for creative ways to educate (read: entertain) your children, or are curious about the story behind Van Gogh's works of art, the options are as endless as the queues on an average Saturday. You will find them all here!

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2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (US)

This year, The Met Museum celebrates its 150 year anniversary. The actual museum might be closed, but you can still walk around in it as if you are really there. For their 360 project, the museum used spherical 360° technology enabling viewers to explore some of the Museum's iconic spaces as never before. Or explore the numerous articles and multimedia features about the museum's current exhibitions, events and performances, announcements, behind-the-scenes activities, and more, via Now at The Met.

3. TextielMuseum, Tilburg (NL)

Besides being able to visit the TextielMuseum in Tilburg through the various online tours, they also have plenty of great tips to get started with textiles at home. After all, they say that being a maker is essential to the museum. You can follow a new workshop every week, such as this one about the Japanese Sashiko technique. Curious to hear about a day in the life of the museum director? Or would you like to know more about the curators or the collection? Every Wednesday you can ask a different staff member all you have ever wanted to know to. For example, Passement Expert Veva van der Wolff.

© Wilfredor

4. MASP, Sao Paulo (BR)

Although you might still want to check out the marvelous architecture of the MASP museum in Sao Paolo, you can already take a digital sneak peek inside and visit their long term exhibition Picture Gallery in Transformation. For the exhibition, the works are exhibited on glass easels and arranged in rows in the large gallery space, with no divisions. The museum says that 'removing the artworks from the walls and displaying them on these easels allow a closer encounter between the public and the artworks'. Well, you can get even closer.. You can zoom all the way in, right from the comfort of your own couch!

5. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)

The Stedelijk Museum has closed the doors for visitors, but continues online with Stay at Home Stedelijk! Here you'll find a selection of mini documentaries and audio tours about the most-talked-about exhibitions of the past years. Want to find out the favourite works of the curators? Each Friday, antoher curator takes you on a live tour through the museum. You can check out all tours here

6. National Palace Museum China, Taipei (TW)

A bit unexpected, but the National Palace Museum of China is actually based in Taiwan! Of course a regular 360 experience wouldn't do for China, uh Taiwan, so the museum offers a 720° VR version of the actual museum. In this full out virtual reality space, you can visit the museum and its permanent exhibitions anytime, anywhere; observe and/or listen to in-depth descriptions of selected objectw; and/or select featured tour routes to quickly browse through various exhibition items. Click here to start your visit!

Louvre, Paris
© Tomas Eidsvold

7. Louvre, Paris (FR)

The Louvre in Paris is a box that needs to be checked on anyone's bucket list, but for now we must do with a digital visit. The museum curated a whole bunch of interesting videos you can watch here. You can also discover the museum's artwork of the day, or start a art history class with your kids. Check it out here.

There is more..

Can't get enough? Last Tuesday we published part one of our online museum overview. Furthermore, you can find a complete overview of the Dutch museums that are participating in Digital National Museum Week here