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Positive initiatives in times of corona, Pt. 3

15 May 2020

©Viktor Ivanchenko
Many nice initiatives have been devised for all people who are forced to stay at home because of the Coronavirus. Some for amusement, others for inspiration or just to bring some encouragement in these difficult times. Together with the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO), we have listed several tips!
© Jordi Wallenburg

1. The Quarantainer reunites people

Eventcare designed the Quarantainer, a place where at-risk groups and their loved ones can meet without physical contact. The Quarantainer is a container with two separate compartments divided from each other by a Plexiglas wall. Both compartments have their own entrance. Once inside, it is possible to communicate with each other via an intercom system. 

2. Toolkit for schools and daycare

Wayfinding design studio Designworkplan has developed a toolkit signage to support day-care centres and primary schools with the reopening on May 11th. The manual contains a step-by-step guide with examples and posters that can be easily adapted and printed. The toolkit can be downloaded and used for free.

Print & Play

3. Print your own in-house exhibition

Dutch museums will be closed for another two weeks, so Thieu Custers and Marieke van den Belt have devised a way to showcase the work of talented up-and-coming artists in real life, in your own home. Print&Play is a fully printable exhibition that you can exhibit and experience at home. All you need is a printer and some office supplies. On the website you can make a donation to the participating artists and designers. From sculptures you can fold yourself, to large photo prints, audio work and videos, all can be downloaded for free.

4. Raum's Open Call: Living apart together

RAUM is looking for creative makers for their open call 'Living Apart Together'. Do you have an idea for an installation in public space that encourages social interaction between people who don't know each other, while keeping in mind the one and a half metre distance? Submit your idea until 1 June 2020. 

Serres Séparées, Mediamatic
© Anne Lakeman

5. Dinner for two in Mediamatic's Serres Séparées

From 21 May to 27 June there will be five mini restaurants located in tiny greenhouses on the Mediamatic site. In these so-called Serres Séparées duos can dine in seclusion. Reservations are already possible, but subject to permission by local and national authorities. If permission is not granted, Mediamatic will make sure to refund the full cost of the ticket.

6. Raampraat (ed. window talk)

Design agency Muzus came up with an initiative to help reconnect neighbours during the corona quarantine. Raampraat (ed. Window talk) is a series of poster designs that you can print and put up in front of your window. This enables you to connect with other people at a safe distance, actively and in a light-hearted way. The posters can be personalized and downloaded for free.

More tips?

A few weeks ago we published part 1 and part 2 of our positive tips!

Want to stay up to date on the effects of the coronavirus? The BNO (ed. Assocation of Dutch Designers) makes an inventory of the impact on the creative sector, advises and informs about the financial consequences and support measures, and monitors the design sector. Follow the Corona page (in Dutch).
Do you have any ideas how we can support you or other creative entrepreneurs? Share your suggestions, questions, concerns and initiatives via