How to visit DDW20?

It is an extraordinary year, but we are happy we are still able to welcome you to Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2020! Because things will be a little different this DDW, we hope this magazine item gets you up to speed. How does it work? Who can visit DDW when and where? In this magazine item, you can find out more about visiting the virtual and live DDW.
DDW20: the first hybrid design festival of the world!

DDW offers designers a platform and exposure to a large, international audience. This year, we will do this in the form of a live festival in Eindhoven and a virtual festival online. This makes DDW the first hybrid design festival in the world! How does it work? And what does it mean for you as a visitor? Find out below. 

What to expect from the virtual festival?

During DDW, from 17 - 25 October, offers all kinds of new possibilities and features designed especially for the virtual festival. Over the past four months, DDW's platform has been fully upgraded and re-designed; from a design platform to a virtual festival experience.

Brace yourself for a fully packed online programme with various digital '3D exhibition rooms' furnished and designed by your favourite designers, watch live streams from and with designers from all over the world for 9 days straight, read extensive articles, walk through the various exhibitions of the live DDW by watching the 360˚ videos, or watch DDW TV from the comfort of your own sofa at home, broadcasted live from the DDW studio. Besides, imagine visiting DDW virtual, walking through the online exhibition of your favourite designer and wanting to ask a question about a project. That too will be possible! During DDW, you can now chat with the participating designers and ask them all you would like to know.

Because the participants of DDW Virtual come from all over the world, this year you will be able to discover even more designers! More good news: a visit to the virtual festival is free! 

What to expect from the live festival in Eindhoven?

This year, DDW has approximately 30 locations spread over 7 'Design Areas' in Eindhoven: Campina, Central, Downtown, Hallenweg + Plan-B, Sectie-C, Station, Strijp-S, Strijp T+R. With 7 areas DDW is a lot more compact than we're used to, but as a result, the quality of the participations may even be higher. 

As a result of the coronavirus, it is irresponsible to attract large numbers of visitors to Eindhoven and allow them to roam the city. For this reason, fewer visitors can come to the 'live' DDW in Eindhoven, which is why this year's focus will be on relevant meetings for the participating designers. What does that mean? Primarily, it means that we focus on professional visitors because this is where the greatest need lies for the participating designers. Needless to say, we want them to experience a successful DDW, despite this corona time, from which they will still reap the benefits after October. Because DDW is more compact, there are limited tickets available. Read more about the tickets below! 

DDW20 Tickets & Time slots

Tickets for DDW20 will become available online on 1 October. Because we need to ensure a safe visitor flow, DDW only offers day tickets this year. When purchasing your ticket, you select the day you want to come to DDW, the three design areas you want to visit on that day, and the time slots within which you are going to do so. Exactly how this works will become clear when you purchase your ticket. 

A visit to DDW Virtual is free of charge.

The programme of DDW20

What kind of projects can you expect? Who will be participating this year? Who will join live in Eindhoven and who will participate in the virtual festival? Check out the online programme and find out! In the coming weeks, the programme will be continuously updated, so for the most up-to-date version, check out