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Class of 2020: The new design generation's perspective on The New Intimacy

25 October 2020

In pursuit of preventing a ‘lost generation’ due to the pandemic Dutch Design Week (DDW) reached out to nine Dutch design schools to unite them in one joint exhibition. These nine schools were asked to reflect on and curate an exhibition on this years’ central theme: 'The New Intimacy'.

Due to the disruptions by the coronavirus most art schools, and their design departments, are going through rough times, practically, financially and perhaps even artistically. Students have had to finish their graduation work remotely and most physical graduation shows were cancelled. 

Dutch Design Foundation invited these schools in a unique joint exhibition. Challenging students and research groups to reflect upon this year’s central theme: The New Intimacy. ArtEZ, KABK, Rietveld Academie, Minerva, HKU, Willem de Kooning academie, Master Institute of Visual Cultures (St.Joost School of Art & Design), Zuyd and TU/e - Architecture and Design participated in this exhibition. Some academies chose to specially curate a new exhibition and others chose a selection of the graduates' work. 

How do we connect with the technology or nature around us? What is the effect of a shifting relation between publicness and intimacy? What does it mean to have a body and how does our body relate to objects and spaces around us. In a time full of shifting dynamics, these young designers provide answers, explorations, experiences and new perspectives.   

Because DDW could only take place virtually, some of the participants decided to show their physical installation in the academies. This work can be seen in a series of videos with explanations by students and curators of the programmes. 

These series will be broadcasted on DDW TV, Sunday 25 October, at 16:00.

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Master Institute of Visual Cultures | Inside out

In this unusual inside-out time, Master Institute of Visual Cultures students share a special digital exhibition; from their home to your home. Watch the video below or go to Inside Out for digital sculptures, videos, artist books, livestream performances, real-time online interactions and much more.

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ArtEZ | New Intimacy - Bodies, Objects and Spaces

The ArtEZ presentation at DDW20 shows some results of our education and research programme which are related to the changing intimate relationships between bodies, objects and spaces. Relationships that may make people vulnerable or might empower them.

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Gerrit Rietveld Academie | Shapes of Play

Shapes of Play is a 1:1 exhibition of performative, expressive, and tactile concrete play elements designed by students in the Architectural Design department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, led by Studio Ossidiana in collaboration with high-end terrazzo manufacturer Tomaello.

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Minerva | Tales of the Unseen

Varying from personal processes to social criticism, from spatial design to art educational research; Tales of the Unseen, with more than 130 graduate autonomous artists, designers and art teachers, shows the vast scope and impact of art.

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Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - Architecture & Design

Check out the video above. 

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Willem de Kooning

As in previous years, alumni, including graduates, lecturers and students, will participate in various DDW programmes.

Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (KABK)

During this virtual DDW, KABK presents exhibitions, presentations, chats & project collaborations with participating KABK alumni (from our bachelor's Graphic Design, Interactive/Media/Design, Interior Architecture & Furniture Design and master's Industrial Design, Interior Architecture INSIDE, Artistic Research).

Zuyd | The Tabernacle - Treasures of new intimacy

Second and third-year students created an installation in which you feel discomfort and lack of closeness. A Tabernacle – a tent for a congregation – brings together the fragile and precious elements of life that have been taken away from us. It makes us aware of our longing for contact.

HKU | New Connections

Can we imagine a world in which we genetically manipulate our unborn child? Or where we are always being watched by cameras? Is it science fiction or already reality? Experience it in the virtual exhibition 'New Connections', with work by HKU alumni and students. This HKU showcase as part of DDW20 shows works related to the theme 'New Connections' and visualises possible future images.