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DDW On the move: bekijk de Design Areas

26 October 2020

Papercut - Surplus Collective
Dutch Design Week (DDW) could of course not take place live this year, but we still wanted to visit the Design Areas to see and hear what they are doing this DDW. Otis Overdijk (social media marketer DDF) and Marleen van Bergeijk (programme manager DDW) visited the designers who were actually going to open their studio, but were no longer able to due to the pandemic. What and who did we all see? Check it out below:

Sunday 18 October | Sectie-C

In this video Otis went to Sectie-C and talked to Anne Ligtenberg of Anne+Mats about her project #YOUTOO. And we saw Pierre Castignola and Willem van Hooff of Surplus Collective with their exhibition Papercut

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Monday 19 October | Central

On Monday Otis visited Kazerne Home of Design in the centre of Eindhoven and talked to Annemoon Geurts about the current four exhibitions: Recalculating Route, New Melancholy, COMMA and The Kazerne Design Awards.

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Tuesday 20 October | Hallenweg

In this video Marleen talks to Design Academy minor student Ceramics Marta Moskov about her projects. 'We explore how we can create intimacy in these times despite all restrictions', says Marta. And Marleen visits Arjan van Raashoven and Anieke Branderhorst of Ontwerplabel Vij5.

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Wednesday 21 October | Strijp-S

In this video Marleen goes to Strijp -S and interviews Ruben Thier and Iris van Daalen of Studio Thier & van Daalen about their project Plastic Lamps. Then she visits Tom Loois (in MU) and his Adviesbureau voor Afwijkend Gedrag. ‘What should I do, or should I not do is exactly what I am questioning with this work', says Tom Loois.

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Thursday 22 October | Campina

In this episode of On the Move Otis visits Bouke Bruins of De Reuringdienst and shows them the social hub they started in January. ‘With the project loneliness we want to create some intimacy in the public space', says Bouke Bruins. Afterwards the journey continues to Kiki van Eijk of Kiki&Joost Design Studio

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Friday 23 October | Station

Otis visits Wendy Plomp of Dutch Invertuals. This year they present work by students of the Dutch Invertuals Academy from all over the world.

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Saturday 24 October | Strijp- T + R

Marleen visits Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren of Studio rENs. And after that she talks with Maarten Stal and Martijn Maas of George&Harrison who designed the visual language and awards for Dutch Design Awards 2020. 

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Sunday 25 October | Envisions

Last but not least, Otis visited Sanne Schuurman of Envisions for the latest On the Move video.

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