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Designer Dialogues Live at DDW

29 October 2020

Designer Anne Ligtenberg interviews designer Niels Hoebers ©Max Kneefel
Especially for DDW, Designer Dialogues, as know from our monthly articles, was translated into a live version broadcasted on DDW TV. A programme by designers for designers including new matches made with familiar faces! They all discussed the DDW20 theme; The new intimacy.

A dialogue between Niels Hoebers & Anne Ligtenberg

Niels Hoebers studied at Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2010, he graduated Cum laude with the stop motion animation Walter, a dialogue with the imagination.
Directly after graduation, he started his Stop motion animation studio. Discover more about the 'stop-motion' world of Niels Hoebers in this interview by fellow designer Anne Ligtenberg.

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A dialogue between Pleun van Dijk & Hannah van Luttervelt

Pleun van Dijk is a speculative artist/designer. By observing and analysing moments of transition within society she tries to generate new thoughts and show a different perspective on our current and future world. Fellow designer Hannah van Luttervelt interviewd Pleun about her workspace, the colour pink and the future role of our bodies and genitalia.

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A dialogue between Marie Caye, Arvid Jense & Mats Horbach

Arvid Jense and Marie Caye (Arvid&Marie) are a duo of artists, experience designers and technological adventurers always aiming to discover new ways to stretch our world. They share a passion for art and technology. They believe that researching how humans express themselves, philosophically and technologically,  can lead to  long lasting, positive change. In this interview, designer Mats Horbach ask them about their nomadic lifestyle and how it translates to their work.

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A dialogue between Tessel Brühl, Julia Veldman & Nicky Liebregts

Questions Collective is an Amsterdam based interdisciplinary female-identifying collective consisting of five artists, among whom Tessel Brühl and Julia Veldman. Tessel is an independent artist-designer whose work revolves around the performative action. The fictional realm of Super Tessel is a colourful world made of spandex where reality can be stretched and dreams become wearable. Julia's expertise is combining complex subject matter with high-end animation. In her studio practice, she works with visuals and text. They are being interviewed by social designer Nicky Liebregts, who makes complex matters and themes accessible through her work. 

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A dialogue between Sander Wassink, Corradino Garofalo (& Joan Vellvé Rafeca)

Sander Wassink is an artist and designer based in Eindhoven. His work is not only focussed on designing products but also on the meaning of the creative process. Sander's design method evolves organically and involves combining functions and materials which in turn generates new forms and ideas. In this interview, designer Corradino Garofalo interviews him about his dynamic workspace, his exhibitions and the importance of context. 

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