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Design Academy's Mini Graduation Show

05 November 2020

Design Academy Eindhoven, Kazerne ©Ralph Roelse
The empty tables in the normally full catering area of Home of Design Kazerne inspired the spontaneous exhibition Impromptu with work by sixteen graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE).

Within two days, a spontaneous idea turned into a physical exhibition. This rapid decisiveness started with an appeal to which about forty graduates responded who were still close to their graduation. From this call creative director of Kazerne | Home of Design, Annemoon Geurts selected sixteen talents who will present their work until 14 November. On the empty tables, but also the floor.

I want to encourage young talents and promote their work

 "I want to help graduate designers and put their work in the spotlight," she says. As a DAE alumnus, she remembers very well how important that day was because she got her first major assignment during the show. "I want to encourage young talents and promote their work".

Graduation project of Marwane Soumer
© Ralph Roelse

This happens with Impromptu (improvised) with sixteen young talents, including Marwane Soumer, who graduated from the Man & Activity department. He presents an installation of metal, ceramic and mouth-blown glass objects from which you can drink. "The intuitively shaped clay moulds determine the final organic - not archetypal - shapes of the food and drink utensils", he says. Just as you can use a shell to eat from or a bamboo leaf to drink from, in our culture we had to get used to eating with your hands or with sticks. With MA'AN, Soumer gives us the chance to escape conventional ways of eating and drinking.

Bas Stoker shows his endearing, human interactive Dennis de Desk Lamp, which reacts to you by moving and blinking his 'eye', Emy Bensdorp transforms PFAS-contaminated soil into clean bricks and Benjamin Motoc shows his presentation entitled Growth: two fused aluminium tables are treated with a non-aluminium patina, which makes the surface look like burnt wood, a top view of a natural river bed or processed leather. By using a carved-out shape in a block of ice as a mould, he casts a whole family of aluminium tables using the lost wax technique, all of which are different because the ice melts. Just like humans, they show wrinkles, birthmarks and scars.
The exhibition includes work of: Mark Wang, Baptiste Comte, Miles Le Gras, Jean-Baptiste Gambier, Rollo Bryant, Valentin Bauberger, Teun Zwets, Bas Stoker, Bram de Vos, Boey Wang, Dae Uk Kim, Ethan Braunstein, and Mathias Malm.