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DDW TV: daily design talk show

14 October 2021

5 min. to read

During DDW, there’s so much to see and do. Projects, events, studios – we are surrounded by design. And we just can’t get enough! That’s why we stream the daily show DDW TV. A live talk show with exciting interviews and inspiring items. Want to know more about our show hosts, guests and topics?

Watch DDW TV every day from 7-8 pm at Show host Brecht van Hulten – together with sidekick Martijn Paulen – talks to designers and (former) DDW ambassadors. Christien Meindertsma, Arne Hendriks and Lucas de Man, among others, join the table.

Tastemakers and museum pieces

Get to know some of the tastemakers of this DDW: pioneering, designers tell us about their forward-thinking work. Daily mini-documentaries give us a little inside look into the studios and the minds of designers. For instance, Noud Sleumers, who reverses the design process in Signs of (un)making. Also on the show: the temporary DDW Museum where we put a spotlight on iconic design objects, complete failures and absolute classics. And live music every day!

Dutch Design Awards

In DDW TV, Dutch Design Awards puts the crown on the work of last years’ extraordinary design. Each day, we announce a winner in one of the DDA categories – from Young Designer to Product. And everything in between. Read more about the nominees on the DDA website.

World Design Embassies and Antenna

Every day we dive into one of the World Design Embassies. Curators of the Embassies literally take 1 minute to highlight one of the works in their Embassies. And international design platform Antenna enters the stage with live design elevator pitches.

Wanted: the audience!

Want to join us in the studio and be part of the audience? Apply now! We are shooting the talk show every day from Saturday 16 October - Saturday 23 October in Café Restaurant Eindhoven. Time of arrival: 2.30 pm. Recordings take place from 3 pm - 4:30 pm.