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Marjan van Aubel presents: Solar Pavilion + Sunne Experience

20 October 2022

Solar Pavillion by night © V8 Architects
DDW22 ambassador Marjan van Aubel focuses on spreading the solar love this Dutch Design Week. She aims to inspire other designers to incorporate solar energy into everything they design, and familiarise the public with all the power solar has to offer.

Enjoy the power of the sun both outdoors and indoors, as Marjan van Aubel fuels two different projects: the Solar Pavillion on Ketelhuisplein and the Sunne Experience in Klokgebouw.

Solar Pavilion top view © V8 Architects

Get recharged at the Solar Pavilion

Designed by V8 Architects and Marjan van Aubel Studio, the power of the sun can actually be seen during the Dutch Design Week at the Solar Pavilion. Energy and heat are generated on site, using the latest techniques and aesthetic solar panels: a sensory experience showing the beauty of a sustainable future.

‘Solar energy needs a new perspective, something more personal and that is part of our culture. It's time for solar design and this pavilion demonstrates this change.’

Marjan van Aubel

Placing people at the heart of the solar revolution, the Solar Pavilion is an energetic meeting place to experience the poetic, sensory nature of solar energy. Built as the central pavilion for Dutch Design Week 2022, it turns the harvesting of the sun into a new type of space and surface. Visitors can experience that solar Photo-Voltaic panels can be more than ordinary technical elements and it explores new means of creating solar harvesting surfaces.

The Solar Pavilion is the closing piece of the Solar Biennale 2022. V8 Architects and Marjan van Aubel Studio collaborated with Kameleon Solar on the development of a unique set of colorful solar panels, The simple form of the pavilion consists of four robust steel masts between which a sheet of glass solar panels is stretched. It is fully circular and uses borrowed standard building and energy components that will be returned to the owners and partners. As a result, every part of this pavilion can be disassembled and reused afterwards.

Sunne Experience © Marjan van Aubel Studio

Closer to the sun at the Sunne Experience

Sunne Experience is an immersive installation that will draw you closer to the sun. The installation consists of several Sunne lights that move through different cycles during the day; Sunne Rise, Sunne Light, and Sunne Set. Immerse yourself, while you are being surrounded by a soundscape with sounds of the Sun, a unique composition based on recordings of NASA.