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Food at designers: 5 amazing pop-up restaurants during DDW

16 October 2018

Sectie-C dinner @ DDW 2017
During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven you can not only enjoy the work of many designers but also share a meal with them. Some host dinners in their own workplace, others offer a unique food experience in a special setting. Hungry for food and design? These places are definitely worth a visit.

28 Grams of happiness

Why do we like the food that we like? Can we become happier and smarter by eating the right things? Food design studio The Eatelier and creative chef Pippens address these questions by translating research into the world of food. In a beautiful setting on Section-C they create an educational, fascinating and sensory lunch and dinner experience.

28 Grams of happiness, Section-C, hall 12

Sergio's and Piet's dinner

Eating together at a long table in the workshop of Piet Hein Eek. On 25 and 26 October, the designer's studio will transform into a magical restaurant where Michelin star chef Sergio Herman will prepare a five-course dinner for 180 guests.

Sergio's and Piet's dinner, Studio Piet Hein Eek

Campina Dinners

Naresh Ramdjas is a chef, designer and a master in taste. Together with the designers of Envisions he hosts the Campina Dinners. Enjoy a guided tour through the works of Envisions and a delicious four-course menu at the Campina site, the newest location of DDW.

Campina Dinners, IJsfabriek, Campina site

Atelier lunches and atelier dinners

During DDW, the creatives of Sectie-C open their doors for a special, sensory food experience. In an intimate setting, the designers will introduce you to their workplace and way of working. Food artist Jasper Udink ten Cate provides a food experience with delicious flavours and stories.

Atelier lunches and atelier dinners, Sectie-C

Bar Bistro Calypso

Also at Stratumseind, the lively nightlife street of Eindhoven, design comes together with food and meeting and mingling. The whole week Calypso celebrates the Carnival of Creatives with the DJ Designer Battle, already a legendary tradition, Dutch frikandel, herring and much more.

Bar Bistro Calypso, Stratumseind 85