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Creative Industries Fund NL launches new Talent Platform

17 October 2018

With the launch of its Talent Platform on 17 October, Creative Industries Fund NL is giving an extra impulse to emerging design talents. Creative Industries Fund NL is using this website to highlight the individual practices of designers who have been supported via the Programme for Talent Development since 2013.

The platform showcases the individual practices of all the talented creatives who have received support since 2013, with a portrait page consisting of videos and visual material, thus presenting a living archive of contemporary design talent. In addition, visitors to the platform can read reflections on the practice of the individual creative/maker by young authors such as Mark Minkjan, Nadine Botha, Tamar Shafrir and Victoria Anastasyadis.

The ‘class’ of 2018 has been captured in 24 minute-long video portraits by Studio Moniker. From 20 to 28 October, during Dutch Design Week 2018, the Talent Platform is being presented in a special video installation at the Veemgebouw. Here you can follow the platform online!

Participating designers and makers

Alice Wong (audiovisual); Anne Geenen (architecture); Camiel Fortgens (fashion); Carlijn Kingma (architecture); Chen Jhen (graphic design); Daniel de Bruin (product design); Frank Kolkman (product design); Gaspard Bos – New State of Matter (product design); Hendrickje Schimmel – Tenant of Culture (fashion); Isabel Mager (graphic design); Jason Hansma (audiovisual); Joana Chicau (performance); Jonathan Reus (sound); Jos Klarenbeek (product design); Julia Janssen (graphic design); Karim Adduchi (fashion); Koos Breen (graphic design); Lilian van Daal (product design); Manon van Hoeckel (social design); Márk Redele (architecture); Suzanne Oude Hengel (textiles); TeYosh (Sofija Stanković & Teodora Stojković (graphic design); Willem van Doorn (social design); Yamuna Forzani (fashion).

Presentation at Dutch Design Week 2018

Creative Industries Fund NL’s Talent Platform, 20–28 October 2018, 11:00–18:00 daily, admission with a DDW Basic Ticket. Veem Building | Floor 2, Torenallee 36, 5554 CC, Eindhoven.

Talent Development Programme

Talent development is one of Creative Industries Fund NL’s six key objectives. Every year an independent committee selects about 25 highly promising designers/makers to receive a stipend of €25,000. The designers have graduated within the last four years and are active within the diverse disciplines of the creative industries, from fashion design to graphic design, from architecture to digital culture. The stipend and accompanying programme are intended for the artistic and professional development of these individuals over the course of one year. The Fund has been showcasing the programme and its participants during Dutch Design Week since 2014. More info here