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These are 'De Toekomstbouwers'!

17 October 2018

In the five-part television series De toekomstbouwers, presentor Wilfried de Jong interviews eight young designers with ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow. Of these ‘toekomstbouwers’, who present their latest designs at Dutch Design Week, one will be awarded with the 'VPRO Toekomstbouwdepot' of € 10,000.

The eight participating designers who will compete against each other in this new season are: Mick Geerits (25), Roos Meerman (27), Pim van Baarsen (31), Wouter Corvers (27), Amber Jae Slooten (25), Govert Flint (29), Lex Hoefsloot (27) and Teresa van Dongen (30).

A three-man jury, led by Dutch Design Foundation director Martijn Paulen, chooses one finalist per episode. The other jury members are artist / philosopher Koert van Mensvoort and architect Afaina de Jong. In an extra long final episode on Saturday, October 27th, one of the four finalists wins the VPRO Toekomstbouwdepot of € 10,000.

Want to attend the recordings? (Dutch)

On Sunday 21, Monday 22 and Friday 26 October it is possible to attend recordings of De Toekomstbouwers at Innovation Powerhouse / VanBerlo during the Dutch Design Week. On Monday and Tuesday two episodes will be recorded in a row with two candidates per episode. On Friday the final episode with the four selected finalists will be recorded. All recordings start at 19.30h. Would you like to attend the recordings? Sign up here. Please note: recordings are in Dutch.

De Toekomstbouwers can be seen from Tuesday 23 October until Saturday 27 October at 22.55 on NPO 2.