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Francine Houben: special guest in NS What If Lab Live at Ketelhuisplein

18 October 2018

Maaike Poelen_NS Innovation Expo -
Dutch Design Foundation, organiser of DDW, and NS have set up quite some What If Lab Challenges for designers. During DDW, you can see, experience and discuss the designs from past challenges with the designers during the NS What If Lab Live.

NS What If Lab Live with a.o. Francine Houben

From these What If Labs, a small number of designers is selected from the submissions to develop their concepts further and present them. If an idea comes across well with the general public, NS will develop it further and realise it. 

You can see and experience designs from past NS Design Challenges in the NS What If Lab Live. You can also discuss them with the designers. In addition, leading designers will be holding live presentations of their visions of design in the What If Lab Live, and scientists will be sharing their insights. Furthermore you can experience virtual guided tours during which designers explain how the new train interior came about. Judge for yourself and join the conversation, because we will be travelling together on Tomorrow's Trains! Download the complete program below.

Full programme NS What If Lab Live