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DDW Live: Your Daily Inspiration

19 October 2018

This year, Dutch Design Week launches DDW Live for the first time: the place where you will be surprised by inspirational speakers all week.

The DDW Live stage is located in Hall1 in the Klokgebouw. Multiple times a day you can have a seat to enjoy lectures, talkshows, podcasts and more. Shown below is an overview of the programme to help you pick your own must see(s)!

DDW Talk & Walk: an introduction to…

From Sunday 21 Oct. until Sunday 28 Oct. every morning from 11:00 - 11:50 hrs

DDW Talk & Walk: an introduction to… is the perfect start of your day. Every day, two speakers partaking in our DDW programme will introduce one of the thematic routes. They will surprise you, offer elaboration and invite you to explore the corresponding route which has been composed by a team of internal and external topic-oriented experts.

DDW Live @ ED

Every day from 12:00 - 12:50 hrs

Eindhovens Dagblad-art editor Rob Schoonen is to host a daily radio show in which he welcomes several DDW participants in the greenhouse on the DDW Live stage.

BGLF Radical Imagination Talks

From Sunday 21 Oct. until Sunday 28 Oct. from 13:00 - 13:50 hrs

The BankGiro Loterij Fonds (BGLF) supports striking art and cultural initiatives to appeal to a broad range of people and question our world. One of their fundamental ideas is Radical Imagination: the ability to represent a version of the world how it might be, instead of how it is in reality. Radical Imagination visualises alternative perspectives. The BGLF Radical Imagination Talks present several of our Radical Imaginators who will show you their thoughts and aspirations for an alternative and improved world.

DDW Live @4

From Sunday 21 Oct. until Saturday 27 Oct. every afternoon from 4:00 - 4:50 hrs

Designers have an intuitive sense for detecting major developments in the world; they know better than anyone how to translate these issues into intriguing concepts, valuable researches and useful products. What are today's pressing matters? And how can designers contribute in a meaningful way? Each day rom Sunday up until Saturday, at primetime 4 AM, you are invited to think along and engage in the discussion. In the glass house of Hall 1 of the Klokgebouw, moderator Nathan de Groot will be leading the discussion to the cutting edge, with some of the brightest creative minds of this time.


Saturday 20 Oct. 15:00 hrs
DDW Live Special / If not us then who?
This DDW Live Special is a unique one-on-one moment with our ambassadors Laurens van den Acker, Ravi Naidoo and Wendy Plomp and moderator Isolde Hallensleben.


Saturday 20 Oct. 16:00 hrs
Good Design For A Bad World - Designing The Anthropocene Era
In collaboration with Dezeen, editor in chief Marcus Fairs will be joined in the discussion on the future of the earth by several speakers.


Friday 26 Oct. 14:00 hrs
Forward/ Talks: Dutch Digital Design covers recent and future developments in the field of digital design. During the event, leading digital agencies and brands will present digital design projects and talk about visions on the future of this industry.


Saturday 27 Oct. 14:00 hrs
DDW Live Special / Martijn Paulen
During this DDW Live Special, Danielle Linders of the Meisjes van Eindhoven will speak to the director of Dutch Design Foundation, Martijn Paulen, about his vision on design and the future.


Saturday 27 Oct. 15:00 hrs
Why We Design
As director of design studio thonik, Thomas Widdershoven talks about Why We Design: the book he has published together with co-founder Nikki Gonnissen to celebrate 25 years of thonik.


You will find more information about times and talks here.