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‘Stationstaal’ at DDW: designers Wouters Covers and Bouke Bruins at Eindhoven station

23 October 2018

What if ... the unique combination of a station, environment and visitors becomes an experience? With this idea in mind, designers connected to Dutch Design Foundation started working on the NS Design Challenge 2018.

‘Stationstaal’ (a stations language)

Does each station have its own language? If so, what would it be like at Eindhoven station? You can find out during Dutch Design Week. As part of the Stationstaal experiment, you will find countless magnetic letters on the concourse, which you can use freely to form texts in a secretive or emphatic manner. Flirt a little, bring a current topic to people's attention, or display your talents. Spell an affectionate word, food for thought, or a poetic sentence for your fellow passengers. All you have to do is place the letters in proper order on a metal surface where they can be seen. Designers Bouke Bruins and Wouter Corvers will help you find the right location, shapes and words for ‘Stationstaal’. Thousands of letters can be used. Will we discover at the station that you are the next ‘Loesje’, the archetypical Dutch girl who puts up posters at public spaces containing catchy and touching slogans?

Design Challenge 2018 at the station

In the customer journey, the train determines 50% of the total customer experience and the station a quarter. Because of this great importance, the Train of Tomorrow was central in the NS Design Challenge in 2016/2017. This year we focus on the important role of stations in the ‘Journey of Tomorrow’t. The winning concepts can be experienced during DDW between 11 am and 6 pm at the station of Eindhoven. Wim Daniëls, Dutch writer, linguist, comedian and speaker will kick off these experiments on Saturday the 20th October at 12 am.