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Hidden gems | Cycle route

25 October 2018

Looking for another fun way to discover the hidden gems of #DDW18? Every year we select nine gems: emerging designers and surprising projects in special locations. Places where you may not be able to get to. During DDW you can, and by bike! Our guide takes you on a bike along all these special places. This gives you a unique insight into the kitchen of a new generation of special designers.

What? A DDW Bike Tour?

Yes, during the tour you will cycle past all kinds of locations and design studios where the designers will talk about the backgrounds of their work during a meet & greet. That way, you can see and hear for yourself how their work came about. In between, the guide will tell you all about the design world of Eindhoven and will take you to other special places.

Two different routes: East and West

You can choose between two routes: west and east. Both start and end at Brandstore/VVV, Stationsplein 17. (in front of the central station). One route takes you to the eastern part of Eindhoven. Together with a guide you will cycle from the centre of Eindhoven to Strijp-S and Piet Hein Eek's grounds. The other day the bike tour goes eastwards where you can meet special makers on Campina area and Sectie-C.

Hidden Gems Tour 2018 - Jeroen van der Wielen

Who are the Hidden Gems of this year?

Hidden Gems in the East: Jasper Luijten - Future more collective - Hotel Pullman / Sacha van der Haak - Image Archeology - Catharinakerk / Rombout Frieling - Jannie Walks Vertically in her house - Picushof / Naresh Ramdjas - Campina Diners x Envisions - Campina / Bernard Lenger, We Are Foundation - We Are Human Rights – Sectie-C

Hidden Gems in the West: Minsung Wang, Bron van Doen - de Buurtfabriek en T-slagerij - Strijp S, Yksi / Sophie Mensen, OS & OOS - Body of Work - Strijp T, Building TQ / Dorieke Schreurs - Talent Pressure Cooker of BioArt Laboratories - Oirschotsedijk / Edwin Bron - LUME Traveler - Strijp R, Piet Hein Eek

Want to join?

Here you can buy your ticket for a Hidden Gem Bike Tour.

Hidden Gems Tour 2018 - Jeroen van der Wielen