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STRP calls on international creators for ACT Awards Entries

28 November 2018

ACT winner 2018: What if Collective - MGNT <br /> Wouter Kooken & Teun van Beers
Are you a national or international artist, designer or media-maker with a fascination for creative technology? Does your work contribute to a dialogue about a positive future, new science-fiction or does it help our society in another way to go beyond conservatism? Take part in this call!


STRP wants to create an open, continuous and critical dialogue between people, technology, society and the future. STRP initiates, produces and presents innovative art and inspiring visions for an international and curious audience. Creative technology plays a significant role in this. One of the highlights of the STRP annual programme is STRP Festival, which consists of an exhibition, a conference, a music and performance festival and an educational programme.

Critical optimism

For STRP Festival 2019 we will not choose a theme but will instead focus on a critically optimistic attitude. STRP aims to be a guide towards a positive future. Together with artists, designers, thinkers and makers we are searching for ways and methods to get through these current conservative and fear-driven times. STRP seeks new works that inspire, activate and encourage us to make a new connection with technology, nature and ourselves. Simply being anti is not enough!

ACT Award

The STRP Award for Creative Technology (ACT)* consists of three prizes for makers who connect the worlds of art and technology in an authentic way. STRP ACT includes one prize of €20,000 euro for the realisation of new work by proven talent and two prizes of €15,000 euro for the realisation of new work by young talents.

With this ACT Award, STRP supports makers with vision and imagination. As well as budget, STRP also offers productional guidance for the development, production and presentation of new work during STRP Festival, which takes place from 30 March to 7 April 2019 in the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, NL.


Entries for the ACT Award should be sent to STRP no later than Saturday 15 December 2018 via An international jury will assess the project plans and select the winners. The winners will be announced on 30 December 2018.

For more information about ACT Award, download the attached pdf or visit