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DDW Presents: The Official Aftermovie of DDW18

12 December 2018

Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2018 was aimed around the theme 'If not us, then who?, a call for action to consumers, professionals, policy makers, governments, and besides that, a tribute to the designers. They think up solutions, create innovations, are pioneers, make things tangible and functional. It is up to us all to embrace and stimulate these creative solutions. Together we decide what the world will look like in the future. 

With over 2,600 (inter)national designers, showcasing their work spread over 120 locations throughout the city of Eindhoven, there was more to see at DDW18 than ever before. For the first time, DDW organised eight different design areas. The aftermovie takes you through all of these design areas as well as into the night to DDW Music Festival giving you a true taste of what DDW18 entailed. 

This year's ambassadors were Ravi Naidoo (Design Indaba), Laurens van den Acker (Renault) and Wendy Plomp (Dutch Invertuals). They deployed their network to create links, function as a sounding board for participants and visitors, and initiated special activities during the week.

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