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Hey designers, #heyddw!

28 January 2019

Are you a designer and do you want to share your work with us so you can be featured on our instagram page? Use the hashtag #heyddw, and who knows? We might also select you for our monthly #heyDDW interview at

Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place every year thanks to a large network of designers and creatives from all kinds of different disciplines. We want to make this community more visible throughout the year. Previously we used to do this by means of Instagram takeovers from people within the design field. A selection from last year's takeovers shows new work by, among others: Lisa Konno, Visser & Meijwaard, Job van den Berg, Das Leben am Haverkamp, Anne Ligtenberg, Studio Drift, Bas Timmer, and many more! Yet, currently we have so much to tell that we have decided to stop the takeovers and start a new format.

Of course, we would still like to share the latest work, stories, assignments, collaborations and experiences of the design community with our followers. That's why we created the hashtag #heyddw. Want to share something with us? Use #heyddw and who knows, you might see your own post pass by on the DDW Instagram. 

Besides that, the designer of the most interesting, exciting, intriguing, funny or unusual #heyddw post of the month will be interviewed and featured on our magazine. Hey Designer, #heyddw!