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Vruchtvlees & Dutch Design Week website awarded with iF Design Award

12 February 2019

IF Design Award by Vruchtvlees
Vruchtvlees Digital Strategy and Design receives the iF Design Award for the design and development of the Dutch Design Week website.

This year, the organization of the iF Design Award received 6375 entries from more than 50 countries. A jury of 67 international design experts assessed the entries and chose the DDW website developed by Vruchtvlees as one of the winners.

The awards will be presented on 15 March 2019 in Munich.

Online festival presence throughout the year

The seventeenth edition of DDW attracted a record number of over 355,000 visitors to Eindhoven. Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) asked Vruchtvlees to show the power of the festival not only during the week itself, but throughout the entire year.

Important in developing the website was the digital customer experience and interaction with the growing content landscape of DDW and the DDF Community.
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