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Frame Lab 2019: what’s next in spatial design?

18 February 2019

At Frame Lab, 20-21st of February 2019, future-curious designers and architects, forward-thinking innovators, industry luminaries and visionary brands explore the future of spaces. Will you be one of them?

Frame Lab, a global stage to explore what’s next in spatial design

Explore the next space

In the future, how will we live, work, shop and relax? New technologies drive innovation at breakneck speed. How can we harness them to better address human needs and global issues?

Together with more than 1000 forward-looking designers and architects, forward-thinking innovators, industry lights and visionary brands, Frame Lab 2019 explores the future of spaces, divided into four content tracks: Intuitive technology, Full Circle, the co-economy and Clue me. From sustainable building to the future of urban mobility, these four tracks focus on the integration of technology into spatial design, with attention to a wide range of interests and specialties. Through a combination of lectures, workshops and brand experiences, each track explores innovation in retail, hospitality, shows, institutions, work and residencies.

For more information about Frame Lab 2019 and how to get your tickets, click here