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Theme DDW19: If not NOW, then WHEN?

21 February 2019

Design Academy Eindhoven, DDW18 - Sjoerd Eickmans

If not now, then when?

We live in a paradoxical era: Although today there are endless possibilities in the field of design, technology and new materials, there is an inevitable flow of major issues that is increasing faster than ever before. The urgency of these issues will only increase, but will the possibilities follow at the same pace?

Last year, the theme 'If not us, then who?' focused on taking responsibility in making choices, as (a.o.) policy makers, users, clients and designers. This year's theme is an appeal for follow-up action and is therefore literally a call to action. Don't postpone your plans, ideas and visions for the future any longer, but do it now! If not now, then when?!

Director Martijn Paulen explains the thematic choice: "In the field of technology, developments are moving faster than ever and the possibilities are endless. The economy is running at full speed again, there is good education, and society is opening up to innovation, change and improvement. In short, the future looks bright. At the same time, significant obstacles to urgent issues still need to be overcome and a clear impetus to action is needed. The question 'if not now, then when' applies more forcefully than ever."

The question 'if not now, then when?' applies more forcefully than ever."