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Design Nonfiction at MU Artspace!

21 March 2019

Can designers imagine a world that scientists have not yet described? In the project 'Design Nonfiction' design agency Tellart shows discussions with more than forty internationally renowned designers who are directly involved in the development of artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, VR, AR, robotics and other technologies. As a kick-off of the project, MU will be showing the first seven interviews and four thematic lines in the exhibition of the same name from 22 March to 22 April.

Tellart, an international design studio specializing in emerging technologies and immersive storytelling, started Design Nonfiction in 2016, when the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum awarded them the National Design Award for International Design - a discipline that did not yet exist when they started their studio. The project inspired them to think about the way digital technology shapes and transforms their practice.

The discussions in Design Nonfiction touch upon the moral, practical, political and aesthetic implications of all new possibilities. Would it be bad if people never had to work again, for example? How could you regulate the design of babies? The project investigates the role of designers in a technological landscape that is changing much faster than man himself.

Curious about Design Nonficton? Friday 22 March, the festive opening of the exhibition will take place at MU. From 20:00 onwards there will be the opportunity to visit the exhibition and toast to the project. For more information click here!

On Thursday 18 April, MU will organise a live panel on Design Nonfiction with Tellart and a number of internationally renowned professionals from the design world. The evening will be moderated by design critic and Q&A curator Rory Hyde. Tickets cost € 7,50 (students € 5,-) and are available via Eventbrite.

Click here for the full programme and more information.