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'What if Lab: the sustainable society' announces exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia

07 May 2019

What if Lab challenged Dutch and Indonesian designers with the question: What if we could design our sustainable society together? From 8-30 May, the results can be seen in the exhibition 'What if Lab: the sustainable society' at Erasmus Huis, Jakarta (Indonesia).

Last October, five Indonesian- and five Dutch designers teamed up in teams of two and started a unique collaboration. Over a period of half a year, they researched important design questions and developed new solutions for some of the complex challenges that define Indonesia today: sustainable education, clean air, bio-based materials and resilient neighbourhoods. From 8 to 30 May, the teams present their results of their collaborations in the exhibition 'What if Lab: the sustainable society' in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In this exhibition, the intercultural design teams present smart concepts and unseen prototypes that they hope will inspire visitors to rethink their existing ways and motivate them to actively contribute to a sustainable future. The real implementation of these ideas starts now, What if Lab invites you to become part of their future.

When: 8-30 May 2019 | Where: Erasmus Huis, Jakarta (Indonesia)

Get more information about What if Lab: the sustainable society here.