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CALL FOR DESIGNERS: 'Rethinking plastic: design with a mission'

17 May 2019

Image: Jasmin Sessler
Are you a designer who actively works on products or projects that integrate plastic with care and purpose? Sign up!

Searious Business, Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) and Yksi Expo unite and organise a campaign around the sensible use of plastics. On June 8th, World Oceans Day, we want to honour and highlight projects that approach the plastic crisis as a design challenge. Projects designed with a purpose using materials that matter. Submit your work and your work might be selected to become part of the upcoming exhibition at Yksi Expo (8th – 22nd June).
Additionally, your work will be professionally photographed, and it will be uploaded as part of an online gallery on the website 276 pieces by Searious Business.. Furthermore, you will join the network of DDF, Searious Business and Yksi Expo opening up future possibilities to join upcoming innovation projects.
If you are a designer and want to become part of this movement, please join us by showing the world that we can do better.

Click here to submit your work.

More info? Go to the website of 276 Pieces